Monday, April 23, 2012

{2 months old :) }

Time is flying!!!! Our little guy is 2 months old (well, actually, I'm more than a week late, so he is officially 4 days shy of 10 weeks - crazy!)

Look at how much he's grown....

4 weeks - 

8 weeks - 
His stats from his 8 week doctor appt:

Weight - 10.9 lbs (25th percentile - he's a good eater but he is still a little peanut!)
Length - 23.5 " (50th percentile)
Head Circum - 15.5" (30th percentile)

The Dr. said that he is looking good. He is still a little fussy when it comes to his little digestive system, but he is getting better every day :)

He had to get 3 shots and an oral immunization and he cried pretty hard :( it broke mama's heart, but as soon as I fed him, he was calm. Poor sweet boy.  (see the Garfield band-aid)

He got a little bit of a fever after, but it didn't last long. We just laid low for the rest of the day. Other than that we have just been hanging out.

More bath time fun :)....

He is liking his bouncy seat more and more and actually reaches to swat at the toys now - so cute!! (& he is wearing a hand-me-down onesie that was Noah's - love it!!)....

He is still doing a lot of napping, of course :)....

and we even went to the park and put our feet in the grass for the first time :)....

We have been having a great time together :)

Oh, and my dad gave me a special present - a mug with Ollie's picture on it....

I LOVE it!! :)

I hope everyone has a great week. I know we will! xo

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{Happy Easter/Passover, Etc.}


Happy Passover & Easter to everyone! We have been having a ton of fun around here! Lots of good family fun, some R&R, and getting into our little routine (as best as we can). Oliver is getting much more smiley and content. He is still what I would call a "fussy" baby, but it's getting better day by day :)

So....what has been going on with us, you ask? Well......

We had a passover celebration at Josh's parents house that was super festive and fun...

Here is Ollie sleeping through the Seder, but wearing a "Kippah" that is from Israel and is a family heirloom....

And then we celebrated Easter with a casual brunch at Ali's. I made a cute little Easter basket for Ollie (with things that we already had for him), just to mark the day :)
I can't wait for when he is older and can wake up in the morning with his cousins to see what the Easter Bunny brought him :)

We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunny Easter day...

And here are just some pictures from our day to day with this little sweet guy :)....


Taking an evening stroll.....

Starting to love his pal Sophie ;)
(I clenched his fist around her, of course, but he will learn to love her - lol)

And getting in some good naps in in his "Baby Bjorn Organic Bouncer"
It was a hand-me-down and we LOVE it.

And....we are never too cool for a little dress-up fun! LOL

Trapper Bear Hat
(he is not such a fan)

.....and sitting in his "Bumbo" seat wearing a silly owl beanie - LOL! Hilarious!!
(Poor Kid)
(he is still a little bit too small for this seat, but we had fun trying it out :) )


Have a great day!