Wednesday, May 23, 2012

{things I am loving...}

Last night my sweet little family went on a walk around the Dana Point harbor :)

My cup seriously runneth over!!

& now as I am typing this, my little munchkin s doing this.....

So cute!!!

So, as I mentioned, we are getting ready to move. We are actually moving on June 3rd to be exact, and I haven't packed one-single-thing!!! :/ ugh! I'll get on it soon (I better, right!!?), I just have to get motivated. Unfortunately I find that I am {slightly} more motivated to search online for things to make the new space feel like home. I don't have a large budget or anything, and am really happy with all of the things we already have, but we may need a couple of new things here and there.

For example, at the new place there is a bar/counter in the kitchen where we will need 2 - 3 stools for sitting & eating. Some of what I am loving are these....


& these.... 


& these....


And downstairs off of the kitchen is a large window that needs drapes. 

I am loving these from West Elm....


& these from Z Gallery.....


Ahhhh....all good choices!

Also, rugs. Oh rugs! I love me some rugs! They are so pricey, but in general these are a couple of the ones that I like at the moment....

Both from


...and this one....


LET - THE - FUN - BEGIN - !!!!

ok, ok, after I start/finish packing :/ (lol)

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Sooooooo.......unfortunately we have been told that our landlords are moving back into town so we are going to have to move. Argh!!! I -- hate -- moving! We are super bummed and had hoped to be able to live here for several more years, but ahhh well. Such is life. It is a rental, so moving was inevitable at some point, we just wish it could have been at some point much further down the road. :/

Now, I know I never truly finished my "home tour" posts, but if you'll remember back to my Home Tour Part 1 post and my Home Tour Part 2 post you will remember how AMAZING our current home is and you will get the overwhelming sense/feeling that I am IN LOVE with it from top to bottom. I love all of the natural light and high-end finishes that the owners chose. Yes, like any home does, it has it's quirks, but overall, I have never lived anywhere even close to as nice and I am super bummed that we have to move.

Here are a few pictures of our home to jog your memory....

All of that said, as my sister can attest, I am someone that can see the possibilities in anything. I like the idea of occupying a new space and transforming it into our new "dream" space. So, that's what I (we) intend to do. We are going to be moving into a beautiful home about 10 minutes away. It is a two story home on a cul-de-sac with a great amount of space and tons of possibilities! We are very excited and I cannot wait to show you some good before and afters once we are in and settled :)

In the meantime, I am starting to look at what new items/elements I want to bring into the new space and asap I will be sharing those items with you.

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope your week is going great! Ours sure is :)

And here is an Ollie pic.....just.....because....

He is seriously THE - CUTEST - BOY :)

(in my eyes, of course! I know every mama feels that way about their own kiddos )

Friday, May 11, 2012

{12 weeks old & stealing my heart}

Oliver is 12 weeks old today!!! He is getting to be such a fun baby. We get all kinds of smiles all day long!! Here he is with his owl buddy today, at 12 weeks old :)

It's crazy how fast he is growing....

He is getting quite the big chin!! LOL. No doctor appt until 4 months, so I don't have all of his stats, but he is a good eater and looks like he is growing and healthy!

We have been doing more hanging out as usual.....

We have tried some tummy time...
It's not his favorite, but he is getting the hang of it :)

We still L-O-V-E our bath-time....

And we have had some great days hanging out with family :)
 Grandma Ellen and Papa are too much fun!

Also, we love our piano floor mat and have a super fun time kicking and talking :P

He is still not too sure about this big guy (ha!!!)....
"Put up your dukes, Gnomey!!"

Oh...and Happy 1st Mother's Day to me! My husband has spoiled me rotten with a beautiful watch and my favorite fancy flip flops. He of course let me pick out my gifts and let me have them early too. He is the BEST and I am one lucky girl!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you xo