Saturday, July 23, 2011

{Home Tour - Part 2}


Continuing on in the tour......

Directly past the living room is the dining room. We use this space A LOT.

The dining set was a C.L. find that we refinished.

And I am in L-O-V-E with the capiz shell chandelier. It was already a fixture in the house when we moved in (surprisingly), but I added the white "scruncii" (spelling?) to conceal the icky looking chord. I know, I am just so crafty haha!!

The table has 2 leaves and is quite large. It can fit 10 chairs very comfortably, and more if needed. It was already black, but needed major TLC, and the caned chairs needed a fresh coat of paint and new cushion upholstery. Unfortunately we (my husband, Ali, her husband, & myself) tackled this one before blogging began so no real before photos exist. Boo). This table definitely gets it's fair share of use. Second from hosting both of our family Thanksgiving's last year, it doubles as a game table, work space for my hubby, and is in general the most social spot in the house. We love it!

As a bonus, the man selling the table and 8 chairs "threw in" a china cabinet, stating that he didn't think he would be able to sell it separate from the set. Ummm...........YES HE WOULD HAVE!!!! But, I'll take it!! He didn't get any arguments from me on that one!

This is where I keep our extra dinnerware, all of our "fancy" glassware, and my special trinkets i.e. my oh-so-famous citrus reamer collection (haha), and some of my favorite milk glass pieces.

And of course, since I am Ali's sister, I have some swans added in for good measure ;)

And last but not least, in the corner of the dining room sits a worn leather chair that I "rescued" from my old office when they changed over the decor. It is such a comfy chair to read in or just to sit & chat.

(The pillow is Dwell Studio for Target - from our wedding registry :) )

To the right of the dining room is the kitchen. This kitchen is basically the reason that I said "WE NEED TO LIVE HERE!!". I am not a cook by any means, and it is not a huge kitchen, but the openness along with the amazing finishes are so stunning, it was love at first sight!

Ahhhh.....Carrera marble!! Love it so much!!

And if you don't have one of these, you totally should!!! The Keurig!! Yummy coffee/tea! Love it!

And this wall of cabinets was another BIG selling feature for me. They are push cabinets (Ikea, I think?) and have so much room for food storage! So clean looking too!

And that is that. Our dining room & kitchen :)

The prettiest dining room & kitchen I have ever had....BY FAR! As I mentioned, I know that we won't live here forever, but for the time being, it is home, and we LOVE it!

See you soon for Part 3 - The master bedroom & bathroom!



  1. wow! that kitchen is gorgeous! And I've always wanted a keurig, maybe when this coffee pot dies that's what I'll get. And the dinning table is so pretty, and major score on the hutch! I can't wait to see more!

  2. Ooooooooh, Ahhhhhhhhhhh! SO beautiful sissy, really!!!! I love it all :)

  3. ok, well it is all so pretty, but i am especially in love with your kitchen! i adore the cabinetry!!!! so sleek and modern! and you guys did a fabulous job with the dining set!

  4. Your dining set is beautiful! And I can't believe the seller threw in the hutch! What a steal!!! The kitchen is gorgeous and I can see why it sold you on the house. Thanks for sharing your home with us. Can't wait for the third installment!