Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My turn to "ing" :)

Making: a baby!! This is some hard work I tell you! ;)
Cooking: Umm....nothing. :( I made spaghetti last night. Nothing impressive. Sorry husband!
Drinking: Water with crushed ice
Reading: People Magazine. I am ready to start a new book, but not sure what. Hunger Games maybe?
Wanting: to find out if we are having a boy or girl so I can start getting things ready!! :) So excited!!
Looking: forward to my friend Catherine coming out for the weekend. Love her so much!
Playing: with the pups. By playing I mean throwing a toy and hoping that they don't bring it back to me to throw it again LOL. I am so lazy!! haha!
Wasting: food. I hate that I do this, but lately I get sick of things so quickly! No bulk-buying for us at the moment.
Sewing: nothing now - but I plan to sew some fancy burp cloths and baby blankets with my friend Elizabeth soon.
Enjoying: being outside and in the water as much as possible. Going to the beach and floating in a swimming pool are my happy places!
Praying: that the little munchkin growing inside of me continues to be healthy and strong, and that a certain amazing friend of mine gets pregnant soon!!! :)
Waiting: to go to a 9:50 movie - Crazy, Stupid Love :) I can't wait!!!
Liking: fruit. Yummy cold refreshing fruit. Mmmm!
Wondering: why Sadie already needs a bath (stinky!!!) even though I just gave her one 2 days ago! ugh!
Loving: sleeping in!!! (enough said!!)
Hoping: that the stretch-mark cream does it's job - hahaha!!!
Marvelling: at my sister and her amazing attitude. She is my favorite!
Needing: to eat better and more often.
Smelling: doggy breath (it's amazing that I can smell it and she is all of the way across the room!! Ew!)
Wearing: jeans, a tank top, and a striped 3/4 sleeve cardigan :)
Following: fun-to-read blogs and the week-by-week pregnancy ticker on babycenter.com. Today my baby is around 3 inches long (approx the size of a small shrimp). :)
Noticing: how being happy and smiling is so much better than being grumpy. It's a choice I'm making. I really do have so much to be happy about! :)
Knowing: that this Summer is going WAY tooo fast!!! :(

That's it, folks!


  1. HA HA HA!!!!!! Freakin' CLASSIC!!! I scrolled passed your "ings" to see the heinous re-gift. I'll go back and read them now. Ha ha! Steuben.

  2. I love your ings sis!!! Shhhh, don't wake up Josh!!!! Husbands and kids are the cutest when they're fast asleep :) Ha ha (j/k - sort of).

  3. great ings! and that gift is AWESOME. surely with your fabulous sense of style you can work them in somewhere in your home. maybe the nuersery? what a weirdo! :) hope she doesn't follow your blog! ;)