Sunday, January 29, 2012

{Still here}

Hello there,

I have fallen off of the blogging wagon :/ I am almost 38 weeks along now and I am feeling VERY uncomfortable and ready to be a mama!!! I know, I know, "he needs to cook a little more" (or so they keep telling me), but I think he is cooked enough (lol). I am trying my hardest not to be too grumpy & irritable, but it has been a challenge, I'm not going to lie (my poor family). I cried for no reason the other day. Super awesome. My husband has had to put up with a lot, and I appreciate it very much.

I have everything ready -- more than ready. We are just waiting to meet our little guy!!!

37.5 weeks

Happy Sunday!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Cutest Book}

Now we are finally getting a little bit of that winter weather I have been craving. Not much, but a little...
In fact, it's sunny already - LOL, but it has felt good to stay home and to be warm and cozy for at least a little bit. I have been catching up on house stuff as well as reading my book. Reading was a big part of my childhood. My mom is someone that can read a book a day (not exaggerating), so from an early age, she taught us that reading was fun and very important. As a grown up, I have really tried to be a "reader" because I really do like reading, but I am not as avid of a reader as I want to be. I always have a book started, but don't get through them very quickly. It's something that I am trying to be better about.

Anyway, for Oliver, I plan to make reading books a priority, starting with those adorable little "board books" that babies "read" (chew on, throw around, etc.). I was at Barnes & Noble with Ali and the kiddos the other day and I stumbled upon the MOST ADORABLE "Valentine's Day" themed board book that I simply had to have.

Check out this adorableness.......

I cannot wait to read this cute little book to Oliver!!! It really is the most adorable book I have ever seen. :) That's all, I just wanted to share that with you. I am officially 36 weeks (9 months)!!! 4 more to go before the big due-date! Hurry! Hurry! ;)

Have a happy day!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{I heart Missoni}

Today I am 35 weeks....5 weeks until my due date!! Yay!! Needless to say, I am getting super excited and am feeling ready!! As you've seen, I have Oliver's room ready to go, and have been wrapping up all of the little projects and buying all of the last minute things that I will need when he makes his appearance. I have bottles ready, am drowning in swaddling blankets, and am all set with burp cloths, bibs, diapers, and wipes :)

The one thing that I never thought was a super useful thing to have is a crib quilt/comforter. Although they are adorable (my friend Catherine registered for one at Pottery Barn Kids that matches her daughters bedding and will be embroidered with her name -- sooo cute!), they are usually big and a little bit cumbersome, and seeing as how babies aren't even supposed to sleep under blankets for a long time, what really is the point?!

Well......after checking off my "want" list, and thinking about it a little bit, I did find something that they theoretically could be useful could use one as a floor blanket. When Ali's daughter Hayden was born, I had bought a "padded floor blanket" for her. It was this ADORABLE quilted/puffy blanket with pink & yellow birds on it. It wasn't a crib comforter, but an actual "floor blanket", but it looked similar to what I would think a crib comforter would. Anytime we had her on the floor playing with her, she would lay on this cozy blanket. I was thinking that all of the blankets I have for Oliver are thin, and that I might like to have a thicker "floor blanket" for him. For the house, or if we go to the park and sit on grass, or if he has to be changed in the back of the car.....a blanket like that could be pretty useful after all. search began, and I found it . . . . . . MISSONI for Target! :) All of the Missoni for Target baby items are on sale, and I happened on these beauties.....

**Missoni for Target - "Patchwork" Quilt - $49.99

**Missoni for Target - "Black & White" Quilt
Aren't they AMAZING!!!?!! And they have bumpers ($49.99), crib sheets ($14.99), and crib skirts ($29.99) that coordinate....SO reasonably priced!!

These are SO SO SO stylish!! If I hadn't picked my own fabrics for Oliver's bedding (and had seen these sooner), I would have had a lot more to consider. I am still 100% in love with what I chose, but I do love that these are neutral, yet so modern and un-baby-ish!! Are you with me on this...? :)

Here are a couple of additional patterns that are available....


"Exploded Floral"
So...the point of the story is . . . . we now have 2 crib quilt/floor blankets for our little guy! The "Patchwork" and the "Black & White". YAY!!!!! Check and check! :) One for inside the house and one to keep in the car at all times!! Might be a tad excessive, but I couldn't resist!! I am SO excited. They already arrived and they are just as dreamy as I thought they would be!

If you are pregnant and are in search of cool crib bedding, check out Missoni for Target . You won't regret it!!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

{happy weekend}

Happy Saturday everyone!

It's been a beautiful winter week out here!!! And when I say "winter", I mean.......

:) I know I would LOVE a white winter, but this is pretty great too!!

I'm super jealous that my sister is in beautiful Hawaii for our friend Ashley's wedding, but am happy that I can be here to help with her kiddos. Her hubby and I are taking them to Noah's school friends "Star Wars in the Park" b-day party today! Awesome!!

Oh...and I had my 34 week doctor appt yesterday and all checked out great. My next appt is in 2 weeks, and from there I will see her once per week until I have this little guy!!! SO close!!! SO EXCITED!

xoxo Have a great weekend!