Saturday, January 7, 2012

{happy weekend}

Happy Saturday everyone!

It's been a beautiful winter week out here!!! And when I say "winter", I mean.......

:) I know I would LOVE a white winter, but this is pretty great too!!

I'm super jealous that my sister is in beautiful Hawaii for our friend Ashley's wedding, but am happy that I can be here to help with her kiddos. Her hubby and I are taking them to Noah's school friends "Star Wars in the Park" b-day party today! Awesome!!

Oh...and I had my 34 week doctor appt yesterday and all checked out great. My next appt is in 2 weeks, and from there I will see her once per week until I have this little guy!!! SO close!!! SO EXCITED!

xoxo Have a great weekend!



  1. happy weekend! it is 60 here today- crazy! i kinda want my winter!

  2. Yay for healthy soon to be here Oliver!!! And yeah this weather is wacko.

  3. I'm Baaaaaaaaaak!!!! Ha ha, I love you sissy!!! THX for helping with the munchkins :)