Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Cutest Book}

Now we are finally getting a little bit of that winter weather I have been craving. Not much, but a little...
In fact, it's sunny already - LOL, but it has felt good to stay home and to be warm and cozy for at least a little bit. I have been catching up on house stuff as well as reading my book. Reading was a big part of my childhood. My mom is someone that can read a book a day (not exaggerating), so from an early age, she taught us that reading was fun and very important. As a grown up, I have really tried to be a "reader" because I really do like reading, but I am not as avid of a reader as I want to be. I always have a book started, but don't get through them very quickly. It's something that I am trying to be better about.

Anyway, for Oliver, I plan to make reading books a priority, starting with those adorable little "board books" that babies "read" (chew on, throw around, etc.). I was at Barnes & Noble with Ali and the kiddos the other day and I stumbled upon the MOST ADORABLE "Valentine's Day" themed board book that I simply had to have.

Check out this adorableness.......

I cannot wait to read this cute little book to Oliver!!! It really is the most adorable book I have ever seen. :) That's all, I just wanted to share that with you. I am officially 36 weeks (9 months)!!! 4 more to go before the big due-date! Hurry! Hurry! ;)

Have a happy day!



  1. oh how cute!!!!! i love that book!!!!
    our favorite when sawyer was a baby is "sometimes i like to curl up in a ball" about a little wombat and it is the CUTEST. you need to check it out!

  2. LOVE it!!! It really is such a cute little book. I can't wait till he chews it to pieces :) ha ha!!

  3. LOVE the illustrations! I just love books so much!!!!