Friday, July 15, 2011

{Home Tour - Part 1}


Ok, so, due to the lack of projects going on around here, I am sure that it is very obvious that I haven't gotten my mojo back......YET!! I'm still waiting for it. Any day now! I am sure I will be lying on the couch when I find it ;) LOL. So, while I continue to wait, I thought I would show you/tell you a little bit about the place I call home.

As I've already mentioned, I "met" (re-met for those that know the story) my husband in January of 2010. He was in the process of moving, so I thought I'd help him look. I was living in San Diego still, renting a room from a friend until I found a more permanent place. He had started his own law firm the previous year, and wanted to find a bigger home that had an extra room for an office. Now, historically, I have LOVED looking at empty homes/apartments for rent/sale. I love the open spaces and all of the possibilities. My sister used to say that I wasn't allowed to go apartment hunting for us when she and I lived together. She said that I could see the good in anything - to a fault - dumpy apartments especially! haha!! Well, what does she know.....?! I have great taste!! Anyway, while my husband (new boyfriend at the time) worked hard all day, I spent my free time after work (ok, sometimes during) searching Craigslist and rental websites for listings. I was going to find him something great!!

Low and behold...I found it. The MOST AMAZING place!! I was so excited. The minute we toured it as an empty home, I said "WE NEED TO LIVE HERE!!!" and everything was history! He and I BOTH moved in there the following week!! LOL!! I love our home. Rental or not, it has FAR surpassed any expectation about the home that I would get to live in as a newly married woman in Orange County, CA. I am so grateful and thankful that my husband let us live here! ;)

So, let me quickly set the stage. The neighborhood is about one mile up from the ocean, just off of a main thoroughfare. It is a small neighborhood with tree-lined streets that back up against a lush hill. Our house is in the middle of a quaint little cul-de-sac.

From the front, truthfully, it doesn't look like much. Kind of small and outdated.

But once you open the doors, it's a completely different story :). The front door opens up to a bamboo-lined courtyard.

It was really weird at first getting used to the fact that our front door wasn't really the "front door".

This is the view from inside the entryway looking out. This open space creates the best cross breeze and sunny spots! I love it!

Once you enter the house, on the left there is a small sitting area. Sometimes I read here. It's very peaceful. (Please disregard the empty photo frame. It's on my get-my-mojo-back list)

On the right is a console table, mirror, and some succulents that I am desperately trying to keep alive!! haha! (my black thumb is throbbing as we speak)

Straight ahead you walk in to a half wall. The owners said that when they purchased the home, there was a brick wall that went straight up to the ceiling. They wanted a more open feel, and I am so glad they did what they did. We have so much natural light pouring in all day long.

On the other side of this wall is a fireplace. It's a fake one that turns on with a remote (hilarious!!), but it still keeps us warm and toasty on those rare chilly evenings.

And then you enter my favorite room in the house - the living's a giant wide open space.

I did my best to incorporate some of my favorite new things with things that I already had.

The couches were so fun to pick out. I got to pick the fabric, the shape, and the pillow fabric as well. We got a truly amazing deal at a local furniture store down the road!

LOVE those nickel nail-heads!! :)

....and my quatrefoil coffee table! A STEAL of a deal for $40 on Craig's List :) They definitely didn't know what they had!!

And that's all she wrote. :) When we moved in together and merged our stuff, we had more than enough stuff to work with. But even though it was all really nice stuff, in general, it was kind of a hodge-podge. We are really happy with how the final look turned out. The before shots wouldn't have been bad to show you, but these after shots are way more "us"!

Thanks for looking - and stay tuned for the next part of the tour - The dining room and kitchen!


(*P.S. I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I need to stop using my Iphone as if it's a professional camera. Haha!!)


  1. Your house is beautiful! I love all of the windows and natural light! The concept of the faux front door is definitely unique, but I love the courtyard it gives you. Can't wait for the rest of the tour! And I hope you get your mojo back soon ;)

  2. Sister, you know how much I love your house! It's the dreamy dream! Muah!! xo

  3. oh my GOSH!!!! stunning! that stone! the floors! the entry! eek!!!!!! i LOVE it all, lisa! you have such great style... love that little courtyard- that is such an awesome treat, and a nice safe place for a baby to play... :)

  4. I have come to realize by reading this... that I haven't been up for a "sleep over" in ages. The house is so different from when I was last there. And I LOVE IT!! Loved it before and LOVE it now. I need a re-do over here in my hood. Next PS party is shopping for my house. xoxo

  5. Oh my gosh!! I love the front of your house, the courtyard, that stone wall......absolutely gorgeous? And sounds like the location is AWESOME!! A tad jealous over here :-) Do you know what year it was built? And love the way you have decorated, so inviting.

  6. Can you stop posting about how cute and wonderfully put together your house is depressing me. Although, you will have a child here pretty soon to muck it all up so I don't feel too bad now:)

    LOVE YA!


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