Saturday, November 24, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving 2-0-1-2 :) 

The yummy holiday has come and gone and we had a wonderful time. On Thursday we split our time between my husband's family (in the earlier part of the day) and my family (in the later part of the day). 2 meals = 2 times the yumminess and 2 times the love!

My husband's family is filled with teenagers, so there is never a dull moment. :) They do a potluck-style Thanksgiving, and everything is always delicious. Yummy turkey. Yummy potatoes. Yummy everything!! In past years, at least one or more of the grandchildren has been missing (away at college, etc.), but not this year. This year all 9 kiddos were here, so we took advantage of the moment and snapped some family photos. Prior to Oliver's arrival, the last family photo of just the grand-kids was taken close to 9 years ago so we thought it was time for an update.

Here is Grandma Ellen and her 9 loves....
These kids truly own her heart.

Also at Grandma & Papa's house, Oliver got to swing in an old tire swing that has been hung there for close to 30 years. He LOVED it. His Aunt Tammy pushed him and sang to him and he was in Heaven.

After a great day with them, we headed to my sisters house for another delicious meal and more family time. This year was a smaller celebration than usual, but that didn't stop my mom from cooking to feed an Army ;). Here are some of the yummy appetizers.....
I didn't get a picture of the actual feast, but trust me when I say it was yummy! My mom makes a mean Thanksgiving dinner. & she loves doing it which is even better. We had a happy relaxing time with my mom, siblings and cousins and Oliver crawled around and was a happy camper.

I didn't get many pictures (because I was too full to move), but all in all it was a wonderful family-filled day. I am so Thankful for my big extended family. I am one lucky girl :)

To continue on with the luckiness, my my sister and I (with Oliver in tow) went out for the Black-Friday madness and had a great time. Even if we weren't in the market for anything big, my sis and I still love being around the hustle and bustle of shopping mania!! We did end up getting some great stuff (because . . . you know . . . when in Rome ;) ) including (but not limited to) these sister bracelets - we couldn't resist...
(Veins. Ew! lol!)

We were out from around 11:00 am until 7:00 pm & Ollie was a champ. He even napped in his stroller (which is kind of a rare thing)

It was an awesome awesome day! Thank you husband for letting me S-H-O-P till I dropped! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving 2012. With my husband and my little guy by my side, this was the best Thanksgiving yet! I am looking forward to the upcoming holidays even more now (Hanukkah with my husband's fam and Christmas with mine). Life is so much sweeter because Oliver owns our heart.

I am Thankful for the love and support that my friends and family provide! Thank you all so very much!


Oh....and my Dad spent Thanksgiving with his beautiful lady-friend Yolanda and her family, and although he was missed, he is always in my heart. I love you Dad and am thankful for you xo

Oh.........aaaaannnnddd......I may or may not be working on this today....
that is inspired by this.....
Stay tuned ;)


  1. I'm stuffed just thinking about your Thanksgiving X2! Just want to say that it's official that your mother-in-law adores you, you are the best mother to my adorable, special amazing grandson,a devoted loving daughter-in-law and I am so grateful that my son was smart enough to bring you into our lives. XXOO

  2. aaaaw... lovely post- so much to be thankful for! love the bracelets! i do NOT like mall shopping, but i know that i would love it with you two.

  3. LOVE you and your sweet baby boy. And your hubby too. I am the luckiest person in the world to get to call you my twin. Yay for black Friday!!!