Friday, September 16, 2011

{One more rocking chair post..& then I'll stop!}

Ok, I know that it is pretty silly to obsess over something that really isn't that big of a deal, but I just wanted to ask one bit of advice before I lay this issue to blog rest (of course I'm still going to think about it until I make an official decision, but I don't need to bother you guys with it again).

So, my question is, knowing that I won't be indulging in a fancy-pants-upholstered-soft-as-a-cloud-yet-still-modern-&-stylish-looking rocking chair like the ones that I posted in my previous post, which of these 3 still nice looking but not plush rockers do you like best.........?

**The fabulously modern/vintage Eames shell rocker (good quality replica's can be found on ebay for around $145-$199 + tax)

The Ikea Poang rocking chair & 0ttoman ($169 + tax)

or the Dorel Monaco Bentwood rocker ($89.99 available at Wal-Mart)

None of them are super plush, but they have all gotten good reviews and are still pleasing to the eye.




  1. Hello my beautiful friend! I purchased the Eames chair and have it in my nursery, come have a looksy!! I found it for cheaper and will share my secrets. I think this is the one you should go with. I draped a lamb fur over it and it is ooooh so snuggly :)

  2. i loooove the first one and found it ov overstock before. BUT i have heard from several bloggers that it is much smaller than it appears- you and josh are both small people, so it shouldn't be a big deal. glad you can go check out kristin's! :) and a little seat cushion might help, too. you can use that sewing machine... ;)

  3. I definitely love them all sissy! I mean, we did have that Ikea one in our college apartment, so I may like that one the least. I would go with the Eames style one. It's the cutest by far, and like Kristin and Cassie said, you can make it cozy too!!!

  4. I have no sense of style, but I like the first one the best too - and I think you'll do most of your nursing and cuddling the baby in another spot (couch, bed, etc.) and you can just use the chair to rock when they need it, which means that even if it's not plush and cozy as long as it's comfy and fits your space then you'll be happy! can't wait to see what you pick
    btw: I totally obsess over things too, until I can make up my mind, I say keep the posts coming, I love to hear it/read about it, even if there are 10 posts about rocking chairs :)

  5. Wow...never seen anyhing like that shell rocker. I love the ecelctic vibe. I really do wonder if it is comfortable or not. A rocker is a pretty important decision. I used mine all the time.

    Have a great weekend Lisa!

    Take care,