Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{A new friend & a rocking chair dilemma}

First off, I want to say that it was SO SO SO great (understatement of the century) to meet Cassie of Primitive & Proper. She is all that we hoped for and MORE!!!!! We wish she could stay forever, but since that's not possible, Ali and I are looking forward to visiting her next year sometime in her new home. Yay for Cassie!!!

Ok, now onto the rocking chair dilemma. So, everyone tells me that I MUST have a rocking chair (or a glider) in the nursery. I agree that it will be so sweet to rock my little one throughout the day/night, BUT.....why....oh WHY are rocker/gliders SOOOO ugly!!! (no offense to anyone that has one that they love, this is just my opinion). I do like the look of the regular old wooden rocking chairs like my Grandma used to have, but as far as a cozy breast-feeding rocking chair goes, I'd rather it be at least a little bit plush/upholstered. The ones that I have seen that I L-O-V-E are of course eighty-bagillion dollars, and I am not willing/able to pay that whatsoever!

But, just for fun, here are some of the chairs that I have seen that I L-O-V-E......

(Nurseryworks Empire Rocker)

(Dwell Studio Savoy Glider)

(*Gus modern sparrow glider)

(brand unknown)

(Oilo Cohen Glider)

Pretty much all of those chairs range from $900-$1500. Crazy!! I'm sure they are worth it, but they are NOT even close to being in my budget.

This is one that I actually REALLY like that has a similar look but it isn't in that super crazy price bracket....

It is the Klaussner Lacey Glider in Slate and it is sold at Babies R Us. It is still expensive ($399 for the chair and an additional $199 for the gliding ottoman), but after sitting in it and liking it a lot and pleading my case to my hubby, he said that if I really loved it and would use it for all of our kids...if it was the "dream"....then we could look into it. :) Yay!! I was so happy. So, I dragged him out to Babies R Us so that he could see it/sit in it and we could lock in the decision.....and.....he really didn't like it. He said it wasn't comfortable on his back at all and that it almost had too much lumbar support. Boo! :( I know I'll most likely be doing the majority of the rocking, but I still want him to like it too. So...the search continues.

Oh....and just for fun, here I am at almost 18 weeks (the picture is from Saturday and tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be 18 weeks). I am finally showing a little bit. :)
Happy Tuesday!



  1. you are too cute! and there is a reason i never got a glider or rocker.... so pricey!
    it was the best DAY EVER on sunday! and monday! i had to much fun with you and ali and can't wait to do it again!

  2. I feel the same way about you and gliders, don't like them or think they look good. When I was pregnant with our first baby I began looking on craigslist everyday and found a a rocker/recliner for under $100. ($80 I think...) I just looked in the normal furniture section. It's SUPER comfy and plush and I love that it can recline. Way nice when your up in the wee hours of the morning. Good luck! :)

  3. Yay for new friends!!! The flea was a blast!! Your baby bump is adorable, and don't worry sis, you'll find a cool chair (I know it).

  4. good luck finding the perfect chair - we had a glider and I hated nursing in it, so Jeff and the grandmas used it A LOT more than me. So who knows if you don't find one you like maybe try without one and if you get desperate then you can go on the hunt!
    LOVE the baby bump picture - so cute!

  5. First I have to say that I am so glad you had a blast with Cassie.....Can't wait to see her post tomorrow with the re-cap...

    Those rockers sure are gorgeous, but yes, some crazy prices. I have to side with you on those ugly gliders. I never had one for any of my three.....

    Your baby bump is adorable!

    Take care,

  6. Found you through Cassie. These are awesome rocking chairs! I'm pinning them! :)

  7. Yes, so many gliders are ugly. It's such a hard decision. You have fantastic taste though! Love the little, tiny baby bump :)