Sunday, June 24, 2012

{4 months & what's goin' on}

It's been a while since my last post, and boy, a lot has happened. We have moved and have been in our new home for 3 weeks now. We love it and are finally beginning to get unpacked and settled in (we take forever with this kind of stuff :/).

A couple of weeks ago I went out of town for our dear friend Susie's bachelorette weekend in wine country (Santa Ynez). Part of why I didn't start unpacking/getting situated sooner is that I was completely focused and STRESSED out trying to make sure not only that I would have enough milk stored up for the entire weekend, but that our son would actually drink from a bottle. We were having the hardest time getting him to take the bottle. Ironically, he would take it from me, but not as easily from Josh. I have heard that it is usually the other way around; that they won't take a bottle from their mom. It - was - freaken' - stressful!! When it was all said and done they had enough milk and he took the bottle just fine. They had no issues at all (in fact he ate better without me - no spitting up and 4 oz per feeding - unheard of), and I had a wonderful time away, worry free. Don't get me wrong, I missed them both terribly, but it was a relief to know that they were both handling things ok.

Soooo.....while I was doing this....

and this.....

...Josh and Oliver were having a great time together and I was receiving pictures texts like this......
HA!!!!! Gnarly hair and a mismatched outfit = perfection! (actually, Josh had been threatening the mismatched outfit since the day I mentioned I was going - it was his sweet revenge because he knows how much I enjoy a well dressed boy ;) ). I am so thankful that everything went ok during our first weekend apart. I threatened to go on one girls weekend per month (wink wink) and Josh didn't even flinch. I think he enjoyed his one-on-one time more than he thought he would!! :)That seriously warms my heart.

After that weekend was over, we finally got to unpacking and started putting the pieces of our new puzzle together....

I decided against the stools that I mentioned in my previous post, and went with a breakfast nook table & chairs instead....
(Table - "DOCKSTA" from Ikea; Chairs "Jackson Metal Tub Chairs" from Cost Plus World Market)

I did end up going with the Tali West Elm drapes for the breakfast nook (on back order, of course, so I am still waiting)....

...and am waiting for this fabulous Chevron Organic Duvet cover & sham set to come in the mail as well (also from West Elm :) ).....

I finally did some actual organizing for once, which felt really good...
....and I am continuing on with that mission and will be for the foreseeable future :/. Moral of that story - we have too - much - stuff!!! LOL. It's all my fault, I know. I can't help myself !!!

Also, one of the first things that I wanted to tackle was Oliver's gallery wall. I was so happy with how it turned out before, I was worried about recreating it.....

Old gallery wall :
New gallery wall :
With just a tiny bit of rearranging, I managed to fit in the red boat print that I recently bought and I love how it all turned out. :) Don't you? (and please excuse the messy dresser top - those are all essentials, I assure you ;) ).

While all of this has been going on, Oliver turned 4 months old and it is crazy how much he is changing and growing everyday!!! Crazy!!!!

He is my heart and soul!!!!

4 month stats:
Length: 25" long (50th percentile)
Weight: 13.6 lbs (25th percentile)
Head Circum: 16.75" (50th percentile)

The doctor said that in #'s, he may be considered a little bit "underweight", but from the look and feel of him, he has just the right amount of "chub" and is a perfect 10! Well said, doc!

he got his 4 month shots/vaccines and handled better than the first set. He cried hard but recovered quickly. That's my boy! I was so proud!

I'll be better about keeping in touch now, I promise! We have our first little summer trip to Lake Arrowhead with some of Josh's friends this coming weekend, so I'm sure we will take plenty of pictures of that. Also, tomorrow is my sweetheart of a hubby's birthday. Ollie and I are SO lucky to have him in our lives.

Josh/Papa - We love you SOOOOO much!!! xo xo



  1. oliver is the cutest!!!! i shared his pic with people at haven. ;)
    and you are doing wonders in the new place! love the nook and of course the gallery wall recreation! :)
    miss you!!! love you! muah!

  2. YAY for all things mentioned above. I love you and my Ollie the most! Happy b-day Josh :)

  3. Ha, I have yet had a reason to leave Parker overnight with Eric (but do have a girls trip planned in August) but anytime I've left in the morning I always know when I return later that day Parker will still be in his PJs. I always ask Eric why he didn't dress him and his response is always, "because it wouldn't match." I tried to explain that mis-match is kind of trendy right now but I think he prefers to be lazy! We'll see how it goes in August. Also, love your new decor choices!

  4. What a great update - can't wait for more pictures of the new house and more pictures of little Ollie :)
    I hope you have a good weekend in Arrowhead!

  5. Great blog, Lisa, thanks for sharing. Please tell Joshua "Happy, happy birthday" for me!