Wednesday, July 11, 2012

{Almost 5 months CRAZY!}

Craziest hair ever!!!!

Oliver Cash is almost 5 months old (on the 17th to be exact) and where has the time gone!!!?? Seriously. The time is flying by like wild fire. It's nuts. So much has happened in the last month. We have been having so much fun.

We took Oliver swimming for the first time at a local "Beach Club" pool....

 He absolutely loves the water and I can't wait until he's a little bigger and really starts splashing around.

Shortly after that first swimming excursion, we went with some friends for our first weekend adventure to Lake Arrowhead. Oliver did great. He slept on the way up and back. He went in the lake, explored, and slept in his pack n play for the first time....

It was a lot of fun to be away and to have a very well behaved little one. :) We were so proud of him!

He finally "found his toes" and has been doing a ton of this.....

...and it cracks me up EVERY time!

We celebrated the 4th of July with a foggy beach day and evening fireworks. They actually lulled him to sleep, which is pretty amazing to me....

Our Red-white-&-blue gnome - LOL :)

It was a great day full of family and festive fun!

He's been doing great napping and snoozing and I soak in all of his precious sleepy moments....I am in love with him when he sleeps so cozy :)....

All in all it's been a wonderful month!

I'll be back soon with some home decorating updates. It is starting to come together (finally) :)

Happy Summer!



  1. i love when they find their toes with their mouths! :) he is so stinkin adorable!!! and you, my friend, are a babe!

  2. great update! he does look like a little gnome in that picture, what a cutie. So handsome in the swimming shots (and you and Josh look great too!) Arrowhead sounds fun, you're lucky that you have a good little traveler. And I love that he fell asleep during the fireworks - sounds like a good little sleeper too!
    so cute - thanks for sharing all the great pictures and stories
    my FAV is where he found his toes in the tub and the last sleepy shot where he's holding onto his toy, so sweet.