Sunday, July 22, 2012

{5 months :) }

5 months!!! 

On July 17th, our little love-bug turned 5 months old, and I repeat, the time is flying by!!! So many fun things are happening with him. Every day he does/discovers/likes something new. We are having so much fun!

Here are just some more shots of our "hanging out" the past few weeks.....

He is doing a lot more sitting up - in the bumbo and his excersaucer :)..... 

We are still running lots of errands together, and Oliver is getting better at being content in his stroller for longer periods of time :)

We did some more swimming at our friends house in Palm Springs last week.....

...and Oliver even took a little poolside nap....
 (2 disclaimers - 1) it was HOT (100 degrees), but he was in the shade the whole time and never got over-heated, and 2) I was right by his side for his entire nap, so there was no worry about falling in :/)

He is a whirly-gig and is never in the same spot when I check on him as when I set him down....

And attacks his toys with his little monkey feet all day long (when they aren't in his mouth - lol)......

And we have also been having a great time with our family and friends. This particular shot of Oliver and his Grandma (my husbands mom) truly warms my heart....
...and look at this stylish little butt....
..a little fancy jean-butt never hurt anyone ;)

So, all in all, we have been having a blast! Ollie rolled over for the first time too and it is too adorable to watch him try to do it again and again. Once he's on his tummy, he doesn't like it, but getting there is FUN! Up next - rice cereal! I'll let you know how it goes :)

Now for the home......we are "almost" unpacked inside (ha!!) and still have the garage to tackle, but I promise to show you some good stuff soon. I am on the hunt for a coffee table that a) is smaller in stature than the one I have (that currently is taking up every inch of space in the new "den"), and b) doesn't break the bank.

I am of course IN LOVE with this one from West Elm.....

The Origami Coffee Table

...and it is currently "on sale" (which means it's down from $399 to $319, which is sadly still TOO much for me), so I am on the hunt for something similar but cheaper. I know....good luck to me ;)

More again soon
:) I hope you've been having a great weekend!



  1. he is the cutest!!!! LOVE him!
    and i wish you luck in the coffee table search- i know you will find it!

  2. My baby is 5 months!! Yay!! He is so stinkin' adorable, I love him so so much!!!
    Dude - my kids will berak that coffee table in 2.5 seconds. think sturdy but stylish, k?!

  3. LOVE the new Ollie pictures - especially him asleep in the pool toy outside (and I was NEVER worried that you would let anything happen to that precious guy)
    Oh and the one with grandma is the sweetest - FRAME it and mail it to her, for sure!!
    love them all, can't wait for some house pics too.

  4. I love that picture of Oliver with his grandma! Seriously precious.