Monday, August 20, 2012

{6 Months (*sigh*) }

6 MONTHS OLD!!! That is 1/2 of a year. That is -- Crazy!! Our little Oliver Cash is growing up way too fast :/. He is changing everyday and it is so much fun to watch. He has such a great disposition and loves learning new things.

Current likes: 
*Bouncing in his Baby Einstein Jumparoo
*Splashing in the pool
*Watching our doggies - they make him laugh :)
*Rolling over from back to tummy
*Grabbing onto our faces and squeezing (hard)
*Sucking on his toes
*Yelling/screeching (lol)

Current dislikes:
*Eating (This boy does not like baby cereal, fruits, etc. yet. His lips clamp down like a locked door when the spoon comes near. We are still continuing to try, and eventually we know he will love food :) )
*Staying on his tummy for too long
*The car (he still does not love the car when he's awake. He's getting better, but it's not his fav.)

Oliver's Stats:
WEIGHT: 15.6 lbs - 18th percentile (he is only up 2 pounds from his 4 month check-up, but the Doctor said that he looks great and is gaining weight, so there is nothing to worry about. He is a great "drinker" and is developing/growing perfectly)
LENGTH: 26.5" - 50th percentile (up 1.5" from 4 month check-up)
HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE: 17" - 35th percentile (up .25" from 4 month check up - but they measured this twice and got 2 different measurements, so I'm not sure how accurate it is. One was 17.25" (50th %). It's funny how the most minute measurement difference can change the whole percentile)

He is definitely getting stronger. He can't sit up on his own yet, but we are working on it and he will get there soon :)

No teeth yet. 

So there you have it. Here are some more pictures from our little "chair" session.....

and of course some with Mr. Gnome.....

Love this boy SO much xo

Happy Monday everyone :)



  1. he is so darn cute!!! love him!!! emmy was a screecher and they were these horrible noises, but they were happy! we called them her pterodactyl sounds!

  2. Ah, the one w/ the gnome that looks like he's imitating an airplane is the best!

  3. 6 month update and only 3 days late. I love all the extra photos of your adorable photogenic son!! Someday Ollie will love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE my sweet baby boy! He is perfection, giant cheeks and all. Kiss him for me RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

  5. he is so darn cute! those are great pictures :)
    Sienna hates the car too (sorry to say, for her this phase has not passed yet, but I hear when they move to the bigger seat they get happier, fingers crossed)
    I love all his hair and his pinchable cheeks! I bet he pinches cheeks (hard) because I bet all the grown ups that see him can't resist HIS cheeks, so cute!