Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{October is here!}

It's finally October - Yaaaay :) - although, you'd never know it from the weather....

97 degrees at 5 pm...!? What the heck! It's been VERY hot around here these last few weeks of summer, so needless to say, we are ready for it to cool off so we can bust out our sweaters and cute fall boots (or at least I am). October is a fun month. I especially like sprinkling a little bit of Halloween cheer around the house. Here is my "Halloween style" this year.....

That is Oliver's first pumpkin :) Thanks Grandma Ellen!

....and some Halloween fun in the kitchen window....

It's not the best decorating I've ever seen, but it's fun enough for us :). So, aside from all that we have just been hanging out. Sweet little Oliver got his first cold the night before last. Poor baby (sniff sniff). I've never felt so helpless in my life. He was so stuffed up, he was having trouble eating, sleeping, and couldn't use his pacifier because he couldn't breathe. It broke my heart. He had a fever too (it only got as high as 101.2), but the Tylenol is helping. He is still in good spirits, but has been doing a lot of napping....

He is such a cutie pie.

He is growing up so fast. When I give him a bath now, all he wants to do it sit up and touch the water stream....

Also, I put him in his crib to play with his toys and watch his mobile spin, and he started to suck on his infant pacifier (that he hasn't used since month 2 - lol). He was sucking it for a long time....It was too funny.

Aaaaand.....I may or may not have purchased this hat for some Fall pumpkin patch pictures....(hehe).

He is still enjoying a little bit of tv each day, usually while I have my morning coffee. Today it was Elmo on Sesame Street...

...and he LOVES to look at himself (and talk to himself) in the mirror. Silly baby!

We went to watch Noah play Soccer on saurday and Ollie had a great time and smiled a lot, even though it was a pretty hot day :)

And we are still attending our "mommy group" and love hanging out with this little guy. His name is Landis and he is 3 months old :)...
(and at 3 months he is the same size as Oliver. He sure likes his Milk ;) )

We have been having a great time (despite the heat and Ollie's cold). Hopefully it passes SOON. 
In other news, we need a new entry way rug. The current "zebra" one we have smells like dog :/ not cool at all. Sooo.....these are my top two fav's at the moment.......

The "Rockville" rug.....I am literally OB-SESSED with this one....but the hubs is fighting me on it. He says 1) it plays with his vision :/ and 2) it looks "too ethnic". 
But I L-O-V-E it.....what do you think?.......


and I love this one almost as much.....The Chevron Charcoal rug (it's more like a herringbone to me)...

They are both from rugsusa.com and are currently 35% off, so if I am going this route, I need to pull the trigger asap! 
Question: these are both 100% wool. Does anyone know if wool rugs are soft? Or are they itchy like wool sweaters? Just wondering.
I hope you are having a great week so far. Happy October!


  1. i can never get enough ollie pics! he is the cutest! i can't believe how big he is!!! i miss him. :(
    your decor looks amazing of course. and i love love love the first rug!

  2. Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! I love Halloween. The black crow is scary! Your baby is too darn cute!! Actually I like the old smelly rug so obviously I lose. You are one fantastic decorator!!

  3. Poor Ollie! I hope he gets better son. I know how helpless you feel when you're baby is sick, no fun! Love the decor and I pick the 2nd rug :)

  4. No no no no no no! He didn't get it from me, did he? I stayed far far away from him at the soccer game on purpose! Oh, it would seriously break my heart if he got it from me!!! I never had a fever, I swear!

  5. I love your fall decor, so fun! The eek is darling, did you make it? Poor baby Oliver, I hate when kids are sick they are so pitiful. I ADORE the first rug, a little ethnic flair is so in right now! I want to say I have not heard good things about wool rugs, something about them not cleaning well but I could be mistaken. Maybe do a little google research before commiting?

  6. ok, just kidding maybe it wasn't wool I read about :) Here's some info though.


  7. Actually maybe you could clean your present rug that does really look good....just saying

  8. Love it allllllll!!! especially that baby boy of yours!!! I already weighed in on the rugs. Both are great choices :)

  9. good luck with the rugs, i like the first one the best, but they are both cool :) I agree with the others that you are GOOD at this decorating stuff!
    And look at cute little Oliver, he is so darn cute. I love the new pictures, what a handsome boy, can't wait to see him dressed up for Halloween!