Monday, September 17, 2012

{7 Months - Whoa!}

OLIVER CASH IS . . . wait for it . . . . wait for it. . . . . 7 MONTHS OLD!!!!!! WHAT!!!? I KNOW! CRAZY, right?!! Crazy.

This last month flew by way-too-fast. Oliver is such a good baby and is growing and changing everyday. We have been having so much fun. He doesn't have a Dr. appt this month, so I am not sure of his measurements, but he definitely feels heavier and is getting too long for his pants ;) so he is definitely a growing healthy guy.

He is finally starting to get used to eating.  His favorite so far is the Apple Vanilla Mixed Grain.

He actually opened his mouth for it several times rather than clenching his jaw and turning his head away from the spoon. I was such a proud mama!

And he also drank water for the first time, and from a cup. He grabbed for it, so I gave it to him and he loved it :)

We started attending a "Mom's Group" (that my sister-in-law is teaching) and Oliver was the best baby! He was content on the floor and played with toys practically the entire time without fussing.

We had a play-date with one of our best friends Elianna (her mom is my friend Elizabeth, from college).

They are so fun to watch together. They are only one day apart and are growing and changing so much all of the time. We have so much fun playing with them.

Oliver has been having fun hanging out with us at home....

 and out and about....

and he has been really good at entertaining himself too....

I have had fun picking out cool stuff for him to wear like this fun shirt ;) .....

We have been working on getting Oliver to nap better (and longer). He always sleeps so well on me (& on the boppy) after he breast feeds...

...but I have been trying to make naps last longer AND be more productive for me, so I have been trying to get him to sleep on his own. He finally (once) fell asleep on his own in his crib when he was awake and playing just before, and he only whined for a few minutes prior to falling asleep...

The nap only lasted 15 minutes, but it is a great start to hopefully good (long) napping in the future.

He still hasn't cut any teeth yet, and lately has been resisting bottles for some reason. He is stubborn like his mom and dad - lol!  In general, Oliver is SUCH a happy baby and really warms the hearts of everyone around him, especially mine! He smiles ALL day long and talks and babbles and giggles all day everyday. He has such an adorable happy face!!

Here are a few more pictures from today, his actual 7 month birthday :). I love his more serious faces just as much as his smiles.....

...and some with Mr. Gnome.....

Of course he is trying to eat the Gnome (along with everything else in sight always - lol) & do you notice the drool mark down his shirt? He drools all-day-long!

And on the home decorating front......the new bedding is finally on....

Ooooh....Ahhhhh! I love it!

All in all, again, it's been a great month! I hope it's been great for you all too :)

Have a great week!



  1. oh my gosh he is the cutest! that hair!!!!!! LOVE it!!! and that smile! and i am not surprised he was the best baby there.... so sweet. :)
    and LOVE LOVE LOVE the new bedding! you are so good- the room looks awesome!

  2. What a little cutie pie!!! I loved meeting you two! He is such a doll, yay for 7 months!

  3. Lovy love love that sweet little boy. He has my heart! Love u sissy!

  4. What a pleasant surprise to find you blogged today. Sad that you could not find any photos to share though. (LOL) He is very photogenic, so adorable,smart, funny and full of personality. Boy will you have your hands full in a few months when he walks! I Love him!!

  5. What a precious little boy!! Enjoy.


  6. Lisa, I love this update, filled with adorable pictures. I can't even remember all the ones I love, but I do know that the side by side in the stroller is great (looks like he is looking at his twin next to him) and I love him touching the gnome.
    He is so cute, and you and Josh look lik eyou're doing great too!
    great update :)

  7. HI Lisa, I was looking for a rocking chair for my son's nursery and came across your blog!.. I see that you bought the grey rocking chair. I love it!..did you get it at Babies R Us??