Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{Brand New Ride}

I am a "Jeep" girl. I have owned 3 Jeep brand cars so far, and I have loved each one. My most recent Jeep was a 2006 Jeep Commander. After being in a very scary car accident in December of 2009 and totaling my dark green Jeep Grand Cherokee (I got t-boned by a police car while turning left at an intersection and my car flipped onto it's side. I came out with barely a scratch. I am so lucky), I was on the hunt for my next dream Jeep - the Jeep Commander. My best B.I.L Josh (Ali's hubby) searched high and low for a long time with me and we finally found my dream Commander. I was one happy girl.

Here she is the day after I got her...all shiny and new (to me)...

3rd row seat, leather interior, 3 moon roofs (one main one and one over each second row seat), steering wheel controls for the radio, heated seats....I was on top of the world.

I was living down in San Diego (Del Mar) when I got the Commander, and shortly after (2 months) I moved up to Orange County and in with my future husband, but continued to commute down to Carlsbad for work for an entire year. I put 100 miles on my car everyday. It was nutso. Don't get me wrong, I was super happy to commute in a car that I loved to drive, but it defintiely took a toll on the car.

Fast forward to today. I am now a stay at home mom, and I am driving around and running errands with my little man quite often, but am not going very far distances anymore. My jeep has remained in great shape all of this time, but being that it is 6 yrs old, and was pushing 80,000 miles, it was starting to have some major issues that we were worried about (both for safety and for the expense). My husband really wanted Oliver and I to be in a safe and reliable car (with a warranty) while we were out and about, so the hunt began for a new "mommy car" for me.

After looking into all of our options, we decided on a Mazda CX9 Touring SUV. It is a beautiful car.....

It has leather interior, moon roof and bose speakers, a third row seat, back-up camera, sirius radio, etc., etc., etc. and is rated the #1 Safety SUV for 2012. I am so lucky!! I love it so much! I was feeling nostalgic and was a little sad to say goodbye to my Commander, but I knew it was the right thing to do. Here she is sort of used and abused (sorry Jeep)...

I love my new car so so so much! Thank you husband. I am one lucky girl!

Ollie is excited too, of course....
Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. Jelly, jealous, green with envy, gren eyed monster, ETC. LOVE it! Bye bye twin car :( We will miss u!

  2. i love the new car! it's beautiful! and i am so glad ollie loves it, too! he is the cutest!

  3. My favorite color, really pretty and I can see Oliver really is happy about "his" new ride. 15 more years and he can drive it!!! Enjoy and stay safe