Sunday, April 13, 2014

Baby Boy Goodness

As I prepare for our 2nd baby boy to arrive (Julian Jett is due to arrive in approximately 5 weeks!!!), I have been trying to get myself to an at least somewhat "organized" place in regards to what we will need ready when we bring our baby boy home. That being said, while I have saved a TON of Oliver's baby clothes (from size NB - now), shopping is my happy place, so I have allowed myself to indulge in at least a few new just-for-Julian items that I simply couldn't pass up.

When my babies are brand new (up to about 3 months old), I tend to stick with what seems most comfortable. I don't like to put jeans or button up shirts on tiny fresh skin - too rough/rigid. Long sleeved onesies with cozy cotton pants are my go to, as well as footie pajamas (& baby gowns for the first few weeks home).

**Disclaimer: shopping for boys can be a challenge. Don't get me wrong, there are a ton of "boy clothes" out there, but whether they are actually comfortable & stylish is a whole other story. Since Oliver was born, I have been getting stopped by complete strangers asking me where I buy his clothes, and the truth is, I tend to shop at all of the same places that everyone else does, I just usually go the "less traditional" boy route with my choices. I like stripes and patterns way more than I like fuzzy baseballs and puppies (meaning no offense to those that love them.)

Here are some of my favorite clothing items for NB baby boys today....

#1#2 are both from one of my FAVORITE stores, Cotton On Kids. I personally prefer to go in to the store, but you can also shop online.

#3 & #9 are by one of my fav brands, Kickee Pants! They are so soft!! You can find them in a lot of different boutiques/stores, but I typically buy mine at They can be pricey, but has a pretty great selection of sale pieces.

#4 is from a store called Crazy 8. It is my understanding that it is the more fun/less expensive side of "Gymboree". Whatever it is, I tend to like it MUCH more -- Gymboree is pricey and is a snore in my opinion ;)

#5 is from my fail safe, Baby Gap. I can ALWAYS find cute comfy baby boy clothes there, and I never buy anything at full price. 

 #6 is from Old Navy, and again, you have to pick carefully, but I always manage to find the good stuff that fits well and is on trend. 

#7 is another favorite (more so for toddler boys than babies), H&M. They have some fun, quirky, out-of-the-box boy styles that I love. These scarf bibs are my all time favorite baby boy accessory :) (they have girl colors available too).

#8 Minnetonka baby moccasins are a must have. They are the "originals", and are still going strong. These velcro ones are easy to put on and are (in my opinion) adorable. They are especially great for those non-walking months.

And for those that are interested, here is a nursery update: 

In addition to clothing options, Julian's nursery is really coming together. It is changing & evolving everyday. I have found some really fun stuff to make his room feel cozy and current. Here are some of the newest additions.....

#1 & #2 are the fabrics that I chose to have a custom crib sheet (#1) and a custom stroller blanket (#2) made (with a gray minky-lined back)  The awesome etsy shop that I used for this is a shop called OliveAndAndrew owned by Kristen Worthington. Her shop is currently on vacation, but she will be back up and running soon and if you are in need of crib sheets, blankets, boppy covers, etc., you must check her out. I highly recommend her shop -- great fabric choices and impeccable sewing. LOVE! (email me if you'd like her contact info)

#3 is a "Metal Acid Etched Letter" from Urban Outfitters. I bought a "J" & a "V" to hang on Julian's wall. 1 for $12 or 2 for $20 = can't beat it!

#4 is one of my favorite nursery items - the <STEELE> Canvas Laundry hamper  (I picked the taller one). I found mine at Homegoods (randomly), but they can be ordered online as well. Super high quality and very functional.

#5 is also wall art from Urban Outfitters - The Venture Out wall print. It is currently sold out, but you should still check out their eclectic wall art selection. I am in love.

#6 is an alternative to the ever so famous "Sophie the Giraffe". This is "Lela the deer". Same idea, different adorable animal. A must have.

#7 is yet one more Urban Outfitters score -- The Beci Orpin Dreamcatcher.  This is arguably my favorite piece of wall decor so far.  Bad dreams go away!

#8 is the rug that I chose to help ground the space. I bought it at my favorite online rug shop It is a derivation of the West Elm souk rug, but is MUCH cheaper, and similar in quality. I am really happy with my choice.

#9 is an impeccably made blanket that I purchased from It is the "Weegoamigo Knitted Travel Blanket in Wilderness", and it seems like it is the perfect size/warmth for stroller cruising. It is a bit on the pricey side, but the quality seems worth it, and it is packaged perfectly to give as a shower gift if you need one. I can't wait to use it! 

So, there you have it. I am starting to get super excited to meet my little man and am finally feeling like things are coming together so that we are ready when he is. I hope these items help you feel inspired to seek out the "cool" baby boy stuff, and to veer away from the expected and traditional. Boy stuff can be fun and unique too!

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  1. Love!!! Can't wait to see precious number 2! Http://

  2. Your good girl, lucky little man! We are all excited, especially Oliver, "Julian, all right!!" with his little arms up in the air. You do dress him adorable, XO

  3. you know i love your style! you should totally make your own dreamcatcher like i did with a hula hoop. i ended up spending like $10 and have one that is GIANT and unique! or get ali to do it for you. ;) love you and miss you and can't wait to meet julian jett!

  4. Every item on the list is seriously the coolest. And Ahem, your awesome sister bought that deer and found that hamper ;)