Monday, March 10, 2014

My baby boy is 2!

Hello again, baby boy turned TWO on February 17th {sigh}. The amount of love that I have for our little guy is difficult to put into words. He is such a special little man with a fun spirit and happy heart. We are so lucky.

His actual day fell on a Monday (actually, President's day this year). We started the day with a stop-by from grandma Ellen (with gifts, as always ;) ) and then my husband and I took Ollie out for a day of fun.....

We went to Pretend City:

and then went to the Irvine Spectrum for lunch at Wahoo's and a couple of rides on the Merry-Go-Round:

It was a great day :)

That night, Nana, Hayden and Noah came over for some traditional "Birthday Donut Cake" and to sing happy birthday to our boy :)

His party was scheduled for a couple of weekends after, but it was supposed to rain cats and dogs, so we canceled his big park party (boooo) and went with a small family gathering at home.

(it didn't rain, of course, but the party was a big success)

Oliver's big gift this year was also a huge hit. We bought him his Little Tikes Trampoline

He jumps in it everyday!!! Best - Gift - EVER!!!!!

Happy 2nd birthday, my sweet boy. You literally warm my heart every moment (even when you test my patience) and I look forward to watching you grow and learn. I am one lucky mama, xoxo


  1. Love you my sweet Ollie boy!! You are my heart (along with those two goofy cousins of yours - lol).

  2. he is the cutest! i adore him so much! miss you guys!!! happy birthday, ollie!