Friday, November 18, 2011

{DIY Crib Mobile}


It's a gloomy fall day here and I am loving it! I'm ready for it to cool and off and I'm ready to start feeling festive! I have been trying to get as close to done with the nursery as I can these past few weeks because we are hosting Thanksgiving at my home this year, and I want the family to see what I've been up to :) (well, what we've been up to - it's definitely been a group effort). It may seem kind of silly to have Oliver's room completely done 2.5 months before he is due, but eh...better to be ahead than behind, right!?

One thing that I wasn't sure that I really wanted to incorporate into the nursery was a crib mobile. I like the idea, but haven't really seen too many out there that I actually like. Those plastic arm thingy's that hold dangling bears and play music - not really into those (sorry for those of you that have one like that - just being honest). I do agree however that it is a good idea to have something for the baby to look at while laying down, but I just wasn't sure what to do.

I stumbled upon a few ADORABLE mobiles on Etsy recently, and felt inspired....

I love this bird-on-twig mobile from Criswell Creations - ($75.00)

and this whale mobile from Southern Pearl Designs ($65.00)

and these fabulous art-deco inspired colorful mobiles from JennaEBee13 ($80.00)
(she even made it into the Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine's buyer's guide - awesome!!)

....and last but not least, I LOVE these adorable felt mobiles from hingmade ($80.00)
Cat & the Fiddle:
Woodland Creatures:
& Alice in Wonderland (which I would have totally purchased if I was having a girl - I absolutely LOVE it!!!)

All of these vendors are SERIOUSLY talented and have taken boring crib mobiles and made them amazingly fun and stylish!! They definitely have skills!! That being said, I wanted to give making one a shot, but am a TOTAL craft rookie (as I always say) and wasn't sure what to do. My friend Elizabeth (who is due with a baby girl 5 days after me :) ) is a talented girl as well, and after telling her that I knew she could totally knock one out of the park, she decided to tackle an adorable felt birdie mobile....

Birdies in progress...
...& the almost final product....
Isn't it adorable!!!!?? She has since added black-and-white music notes that add to it's adorableness (her husband is a musician, and her bedding is black, white, and pink, so the music notes are a perfect addition). I am in complete awe of her sewing skills and can't wait to see her mobile up above her beautifully girlie crib!!

Being that I CANNOT sew to save my life (ugh!), I knew I wanted to try my hand at something, but also knew that I would need Elizabeth's help. I decided to try to make a hot air balloon mobile (I have had a thing for hot air balloons lately for some reason), so I bought the supplies at Michael's, and we got started....

At first I thought I wanted to add punches of color instead of sticking with my gray, black, white, and yellow color-scheme...
but then I decided that I liked the more vintage-looking subtle balloons better, so I tamed them down to be only gray, white, and black, and I liked them much more....
I wasn't sure what to use for the baskets, but I ultimately chose burlap to give them that rustic/unfinished quality.

And after sewing the baskets on, the final touch was to add fun felt letters/#'s to add some interest.

(The $ is in reference to his middle name "Cash")

(The "V" is the initial of our last name)

And here is where the final picture would be, but.....I have yet to hang the mobile up - argh! I am sorry for the anti-climactic ending to this post, but I hope you like the look/idea as much as I do and will show you the completed project as soon as I post the nursery reveal :)

Have a cozy day!



  1. oh it came out soooo cute! and they say black and white is great for babies, so i think the color palette is perfect! and boyish, too!
    but can i tell you that woodland creature one made me want to have another baby. because it would be weird to hang that over my bed now wouldn't it?

  2. I love it sissy! I do not love that you crafted without me, but I guess I'll let it slide since we should ALWAYS leave the sewing to Elizabeth :)

  3. I like it and it keep me thinking to have that design too.I always admire people who does this kind of blog and hoping all of you same kindly visit curtain trolleys

  4. Lisa, this is the cutest mobile I have ever seen!!! I wish I had had the know how to make one when I had babies! And I totally agree that those plastic mobiles are no bueno!

  5. Awwww, it is amazing Miss Lisa :) I LOVE it..... and it makes me want to finally attempt one for Abygail!! xoxo

  6. .....and fyi..... my favorite part is the "$" :D)

  7. Wait a second! You're crafting without Ali!?! What's going on here?
    And, also, YAY! It's soooo cute!