Saturday, November 5, 2011

{Bringing Our Vision to Life!}


Part 1:
As I have mentioned, my beautiful sister and I have been working on painting a crib for baby Oliver. It is a white Jenny Lind crib by Delta that Ali got at Babies-R-Us before Noah was born almost 6 years ago.

So, it was Noah's crib first....

and then it became Hayden's crib next....

....and now it's going to be Oliver's crib. There's something so amazingly special and nostalgic about the fact that all 3 of our babies will have slept in the same crib. I love it! That being said, the white of the crib had seen better days. I either needed to re-paint it white to make it look shiny and new again, OR pick a new color. So, I opted for a new color. I ended up choosing my favorite color of the moment (for decor especially) - GREY!

Being pregnant, I wasn't super excited about getting out the old paint can (or spray can in this instance) and tackling the project myself, so my favorite sister stepped in and took care of it for me (have I mentioned how awesome she really is!? Seriously!!).

On her blog, she showed a little of this....

and a little of that.....

It took over 9 cans of spray paint (you lose so much into the wind and in between the spindles) and a can of polyurethane to get it all spiffy and new looking again, but it was totally worth it. We were both really happy about how everything was turning out.

Once Ali was done (so she thought), her wonderful husband brought it over to my house to help me set it up, but once we got it into the room and ready to assemble, we noticed this....

DOH!!!! Those darn spindles are impossible!!! Ugh! You can't tell if you've gotten them all unless you scrutinize EVERY single area multiple times over. SO annoying. So, that piece unfortunately headed back to my sister, and the crib sat around like this for a few days waiting for it's 4th side to come back....

After a few days, the sides were all together again and the crib was finished!!!! (and like a dumb dumb, I totally spaced on getting a picture of the crib all together (sans bedding), but I think you can envision it, can't you? ;). Our one small regret is not painting the plastic hardware on the crib, but at the end of the day, that part needed to be function over form (it needed to be able to be adjusted without sticking, etc.), so we left the hardware white. No big deal in my book.

I am SO happy with how the color looks and how the entire thing turned out. I owe EVERYTHING to my sister!! I couldn't have done any of it without her! So, thank you sister for bringing this part of my vision to life :) You're my HERO!


The next part of the vision was the bedding. In an earlier post, I showed you the fabrics that I had chosen and told you about the color scheme that I was going for - grey, black, white, and yellow. I ordered the crib bedding from an Etsy shop called "Tuft Love Fabric & Interiors". It is owned by a lady named Sally out of Arizona. From the look of the crib sets she was selling in her shop already, I could automatically tell that she had an amazing eye for putting colors/fabrics together that looked cool and hip and more "now" than any other crib bedding I've seen. I chose the fabrics on my own, but I knew that she would be able to make it all come together. She also had great feedback from previous customers, so for both of those reasons, I was super excited to order from her.

Once I placed my order, the lead time was 4-6 weeks. I don't think I have to tell you how hard it was for me to wait for it to arrive. The crib was ready - waiting - bedding-less, and I was SO excited to see my vision come to life. Thankfully, she finished it within 4 weeks of placing my order, and it arrived this past Thursday!


So, without further ado, here it is in all it's glory......

Isn't it AWESOME!!!? What do you think???? Do you think it turned out as COOL as I do??! I am in L-O-V-E with it!! I think it turned out even better than I had hoped it would. I hope you like it and are on board with my vision. Now that this part is done, I can start working on the rest of the details. :) It's all so exciting! little snafu to mention - due to the combination of slightly sub-par packaging, and how NOT careful UPS can be, THIS is how the package arrived on my doorstep....

No joke!!! Uggggh!!!! CRAZY!!!! I couldn't believe it and was so worried about what I would find when I took the bedding out. Luckily, no major damage occurred (thank goodness), and the vendor was so awesome about making things right (she offered to refund the shipping, which I REALLY appreciated)! I was super lucky because an hour after I brought it in the house all open and exposed, it started raining. If it was left out there, it would have gotten drenched and I would have been devastated. We were very lucky!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Sister, you already know how in love with you I am, and how in love with baby Ollie. BUT now I must tell you that I am head over heels in love with the crb/bedding!!!! It is so stylish and cool and just perfect for our little guy!!! Muah!!!!

  2. wow, lisa! it is looking SO amazing!!!!! love the crib in gray, and the bedding is perfect!!!

  3. Wow! I love,LOVE it! Beautifully done and the color combinations are perfect!!! I'm so excited for you.

  4. What an awesome sister! I absolutely love the color, and the bedding is just perfect (not too grown up, not too babyish). That is going to be one lucky Oliver!

  5. It looks amazing, I LOVE that you picked your fabric and went through etsy. So smart! Everything looks great! Gorgeous! Amazing!

  6. Amazing! What a gorgeous crib! You both are so stylish!

  7. Looks awesome! Hopping over from your sister's blog.

    Amy - ~mysunshineshere

  8. It turned out so good, that yellow and grey bedding is fantastic!!!!

  9. love it!
    it's perfect and your nursery is going to look awesome :)

  10. Love Love Love it. Awesomeness and so excited for baby Oliver!!!!

  11. Came over from Ali's....the crib is perfect. I had a Jenny Lind crib for my first 3 kids and then had to get another one for #4 baby...Too much wear and tear.....Your crib looks wonderful, Ali did a wonderful job! Baby Oliver is a lucky dude, with his new spiffy crib and some rockin bedding!

  12. OMG...OMG...OMG....That's all I can say...OMG!!

    Take care,

  13. It looks amazing. I have the same exact crib. Seeing how you did it, makes me want to paint mine :) I love your style. That is one lucky little guy!

  14. I L-O-V-E the bedding and the crib! I've been thinking about painting or re-staining our baby furniture too, but am scared! What kind of spray paint did Ali use?

  15. That is the most sophisticated and stylish baby bedding I've ever seen, Lisa! Looks GREAT with that newly grey crib. And how cool is it that all three babies will have slept in it. :)

    Take care,

  16. Beautiful! I love the color and pattern combos! Baby Oliver is going to be so cozy!

  17. So perfect! What kind of paint (brand/color) did you use?