Sunday, October 30, 2011

{P. Barn & a Cadillac}

So....the crib is done, and the dresser/changing table painting shenanigans have begun. I am going to wait for the bedding to arrive before I share the crib reveal, and by then, the dresser should be loaded in and ready to share as well. :) Yay for things moving along.

In other news, a while back I had ordered the "French Wire Hamper & Liner" from Pottery Barn. I wanted to use it as baby Oliver's laundry hamper. Long story short, I ended up with gift cards to PB (as a result of a debacle of an order for nightstands that took place several months ago) and have been holding onto them tightly and waiting for the right items to come along. The hamper was pricey ($149.00) but I HAD to have it, so I ordered it. It was back-ordered (as all of the things are that I want from there - LOL) so I had to wait almost 2 months for it to arrive. I finally got the notice that it shipped and was so excited!! When it arrived yesterday, I was super surprised......they sent me two!!! Now, those of you that heard the original PB story know that the gift cards are a result of something similar to this situation. Are they CRAZY!!? Why does this keep happeneing??! Are they testing me!!?? or are they just that unorganized!!? Ugggh!! My moral compass is continuously confused and torn about what to do. The right thing = call them and send hamper #2 back, BUT, the more fun thing = give one to my favorite sister!!! At the end of the day, the devil on my shoulder won, and now Ali and I are both proud owners of one of these......

It is HUGE and it is AWESOME -- even better than I had hoped it would be!! I do feel bad (I really do), but I also feel happy that Ali gets to have a fancy hamper too & if I'm going to the hot place downstairs because of it, then ah well, so be it. If accepting redundant PB shipments is the worst thing I've done, then I guess I feel ok about it. I hope you don't think I am a terrible person :/ I just couldn't help it!

Moving on -- in regards to the "Cadillac" listed in my post title, I feel that I have been pretty good about not going HOG-WILD with baby item purchases. Aside from the adorable clothes that I have been hunting for, the rocking chair that I pined for and won (and got at a HUGE discount if you'll remember), and the crib bedding that I designed/ordered on Etsy (that didn't cost any more than a regular old pre-fab set would have cost), I haven't really splurged on anything. I am using Ali's old crib and cradle, and found a Craigslist dresser to re-vamp. All of that said, the one SPLURGE I wanted to make was on our stroller. I plan to be out and about A LOT and to take long walks A LOT with our little man, so I knew that a good quality, multi-use, grow-with-us stroller was what I wanted.

After doing a ton of research, we ended up choosing the 2011 UPPAbaby Vista Stroller. It has all of the amazing features that we were looking for and then some! It is the Cadillac of strollers!! At any one time, it can hold up to 3 children -- sounds crazy, I know, but it's true, so it'll be the only stroller that we need to have. They only have it at specialty baby stores, and the price is STEEP!! The retail price is $679.99, and that is for the stroller and bassinet attachment only. No other accessories come with it, they all must be purchased separately.

So, I registered for it at the local store that carries it ( along with all of the desired accessories, but knew that at the end of the day it would probably be something that we would end up buying for ourselves. As I was updating my registry one day, I saw that the price had been slashed to $499.99. WHAT!!? Now I know, that is still A WHOLE-HECK-OF-A-LOT of money, but that is almost $200 off. It turns out that because the 2012's are coming out (not unlike a real Cadillac - haha), they have decided to try to sell through their 2011 inventory. My hubby and I LOVE a good deal, so we pounced and didn't look back! Here she is in all her glory....

It may not look like much, but there are 2 really cool tutorial videos on the OCTykes website that show all of the coolness that is UPPAbaby. The possibilities are ENDLESS! I am SO excited about it and cannot wait to push my little guy all over the place!! Yay!

Happy Sunday and Halloween Eve! I hope you have a great start to your week!



  1. I Iove it! I almost pressed buy on a wuslu daily deal for a very similar one, I just couldn't justify spending about the same amount of money for an empty room ;). We need to meet!!! Lol

  2. awesome! i love that laundry basket!
    and i always had the good ol' gracos.... love your caddy!

  3. wow! I never have that kind of "luck" at pb! The most expensive stroller I had was 280, a double jogger. Your stroller sounds awesome though especially if it will be the only one you own...I went through a lot of strollers and probably ended up paying about the same as you did :)

  4. Yipppeeeeee!!! Be quiet little angel on your shoulder, I want me a hamper! WOOT!!! Thanks for always thinking of me and wanting me to have nice stuff. You're my favorite sister! SUPER jealous of your awesome rich-lady stroller by the way. That thing looks chic and hip and will be perfect for our baby boy!! xo

  5. maybe they sent you two because they know you have a twin sister and they WANTED you to be able to share - I think it's a sign that you were both meant to have one - no guilt allowed! everyone I know would have either kept it, or sent one back for a refund therefor getting one for free :)
    glad you got the stroller you wanted - at a discount too - a good stroller is muy importante!