Friday, October 7, 2011

{A Subtle Halloween}

It's not really spooky, but this is what our subtle simple Halloween looks like around here this year.....

Add to that 2 pumpkins on either side of the front door, and that's all she wrote at the moment. It's simply festive. I like that the craft pumpkins can be carried through to Thanksgiving. I am going to add a few things still -- some framed vintage-esque Halloween art (that is being printed as we speak), a paper pennant banner, and maybe some of my sisters famous pom poms. Then the look will be complete :)

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!


  1. I think it looks awesome!! I love the skulls in the milk glass :)

  2. your decorations go perfectly with your home and your style, I love them!
    I also love the previous post - with your son's little tiny foot :) so cute! and I love the name you guys picked - LOVE IT!!!
    too many things to comment on, hope your puppy is feeling better soon - and I think the blanket/burp cloths turned out great too.