Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{Shower Curtain Refresh}

So, we are ALMOST there with the crib. I know, I said that before, but this time I mean it. Ali's sweet hubby brought it over to my house to set it up, but once inside, we noticed one of the side rails still had some white patchiness throughout. Those darn spindles are so hard to paint because they look different from every angle. It's hard to be sure you have complete coverage. Doh! Anyway, my AWESOME sister is home as we speak putting on the final touches, so by tomorrow or Thursday it should be done and set up. :) I still have to wait another 2-3 weeks for the bedding to arrive (if she is on time with her delivery), but for space planning, setting up the crib itself will be a huge help.

On to the real topic of the day -- my guest bathroom shower curtain. Since I totally failed to complete my home tour (oops), I never got a change to show my guest bathroom. It's not tiny, but not huge. I really like the finishes - the same Carrera marble as the kitchen and a really cool wall tile to complete the look. We had been using my husbands old shower curtain. It wasn't horrible, but it definitely wasn't anything to look at.

It was cream - It was waffle-knit - It was . . . nice. But I wanted something more stylish and fun. Some of my "dream" shower curtains (if you can really truly dream about shower curtains - LOL) are these....

The Flamenco shower curtain from Anthropologie - $118.00

The Chaffinch shower curtain from Anthropologie - $118.00

The Penciled Hypericum shower curtain from Anthropologie - $98.00

and the Striped shower curtain from West Elm - more reasonable at $39.00

The one I picked was kind of random (and cheap at $16.99 - Homegoods), but I like it. I think it makes much more of a statement than the boring cream one, don't you?

It is white with black penciled images of vintage French chairs/settee's/perfume bottles/etc. Like I said, totally random, but overall kind of fun (and please excuse the crazy wrinkles....I am planning to iron it asap).

Funny enough, they have a very similar looking one at Urban Outfitters - The Apothecary shower curtain - $29.00.

I wonder If I would have bought this one for $29.00 if I would have seen it first.....hmm.....probably not, but the one I picked is good for now until I'm willing to splurge :)

Happy Tuesday!



  1. i love all your faves, but the one you got is adorable and what a steal!!!!!

  2. I love all of them!! I think the one you chose is the best, so fun and unique! Oh and it didn't break the bank! $100 for a shower curtain is crazy!! I just wrote a post about my bathroom too! I am thinking of doing big stripes like the west elm one but in coral :D