Thursday, October 20, 2011

{A little update}

The crib is ALMOST done....ugh!! It's been so moist around here so things are taking a lot longer to dry than normal. It is looking great though, and once it's done, I will show it set up in all its glory :). Cannot wait!

Also, the glider is in!!! I picked it up this past weekend and am so happy with it! Here it is with a fab ikea throw blanket draped over the back.....

So pretty, right?! It's still a bit stiff, and has sort of a "new" smell about it, but once I wear it in a little bit, it will be perfect. And again, what a steal at $279.00! I really can't complain!

Also in the nursery, there is a long window seat. It is currently covered with a bunch of stuff that I need to go through, and the cushion is in desperate need of some re-covering (it is currently a light yellow with an ugly red/blue/black fish pattern). I plan to recover it either in a solid color (black, gray, linen...not sure) or a subtle pattern, and want to accessorize it with a bunch of fun eclectic pillows. I have found a few so far that are totally random but could look really cool sitting next to each other I think.....

Like this mini-houndstooth pouf pillow that I found on clearance at a fancy design store in town

(The name of the store escapes me, but it is a super fancy place. This pillow was originally $69, but we snagged it for a mere $20! YES!!)

And then there is this AWESOME owl pillow from Urban Outfitters.....

I love the expression on his face, don't you?!

And finally this awesome pillow with a peacock felt applique that I found at Homegoods....

It's not too girly, is it? Hmmm.....I'm on the fence about this one.

So, like I said, the pillows so far are super random, but I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for others to really complete the look. I think they will look cute all tossed together, don't you? And, in truth, I have never like the feel of the lumbar pillow that came with the glider. It is WAY too stuffed/full for the shallow seat of the chair, so I always planned on tossing it aside.

I think this guy looks WAY better.....

Don't you? :) Of course, you do!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Um. EXCUSE ME!!!!! There is NO mention of the awesome IKEA lamp that I, your FAVORITE sister found in the AS-IS section of IKEA for $10!!!!!! H-E-L-L-O!!!!!

    In other news, I love the pillows, chair, throw ETC!

  2. you know i LOVE that owl pillow! it is all awesome and all great finds! :) i love the peacock, too- you know the male peacocks are hte beautiful ones with all the feathers, so it can't be too girly. :)

  3. I'm so embarrassed by the glider we chose when I was pregnant with natalie...thank goodness I got a clue! Yours is awesome, Love the lamp (thanks Ali!;)), love the pillows!

  4. I LOVE that chair! I'm totally jealous that I never had one when my kids were so little. JEALOUS! Enjoy every minute in that chair for me. :)

  5. Everything is coming together perfectly....Be careful though, Cassie might steal that owl pillow. I don't think the last one is to girly...As he gets older, you can always move it to another room....Can't wait to see everything all put together!

    Take care,