Sunday, November 27, 2011

{Thanksgiving = done! :) }

Thanksgiving is over and it was a BIG success! Well, I should actually say that both of the Thanksgiving's that I took part in are over and they were both a success. :)

We hosted Thanksgiving for Josh's family (23 ppl) on Thursday (his brother does the big cooking and the rest is potluck) and we hosted Thanksgiving for my family (over 30 ppl) on Saturday (my Mom does all of the cooking for this one). Both events went off without a hitch. I didn't take ANY pictures unfortunately (I was in "the zone"), but the food was SUPER yummy, the conversation was good, and there were plenty of kids running around and playing to make all of us smile.

Oliver's room was a BIG hit with the grown ups as well as the kids and I am so pleased that everyone likes what is going on in there. My little cousin Diego decided it would be fun to go "surfing" on Ollie's glider chair (ummmm....NO!) and my other cousin Alex took my "Cadillac-of-strollers" (that is in pristine new condition) out for a little spin (HA!!! - It was pretty hilarious!!). CRAZY kiddos! But the cutest kid moment of the day (as you saw on Ali's blog) is my niece Hayden, all curled up on the softest rug ever, asleep! So cute!

I plan to post a nursery reveal as soon as the final details come together!!! :) . . . . it shouldn't be long.

Happy Sunday!



  1. aw, hayden is soooo cute! looks like you had a good time, and that nursery is looking good!