Sunday, March 18, 2012

{1 month old}

Our little guy is 1 month old - does that sound as crazy to you as it does to me??!! Crazy!!!

Oliver is such a sweet baby. He loves being held and falling asleep in my arms. He is a little "finely tuned" as we like to call it, meaning, if he has to burp -- he -- goes -- crazy -- until he does! And if he has to poop -- he -- goes -- crazy -- until he does ! Poor little guy. I think he has a sensitive little system. This makes for long days & longer nights, being that his life consists of eating, pooping, burping, and sleeping (argh!), but we are hanging in there. We are enjoying every minute that we get to spend together!

xo I am seriously in love!!!


  1. he is SO beautiful... i think he looks like his mama! so sweet!!

  2. I seriously love him like he came out of my body. He is SO adorable! Kissing him right now. he is my happy place :)

  3. OH MY! OLIVER! Watch out for the owl!

    I love that little baby of yours, Lisa, he's all kinds of wonderful!

  4. He is really adorable, Lisa! Such a cute little expression on his face. I am sure he has brought you and your husband so much joy. Love your owl pillow, too.

  5. thank you for posting this picture, he is so handsome :) (you made my Monday morning)
    I'm sure his little system will get tougher as he gets bigger. I'm glad he's a little snuggler, that is THE BEST!! And I'm glad you're enjoying him so much. Love the pictures... keep 'em coming!