Saturday, March 24, 2012

{33 & happy!}

Yesterday was my (well...."our") 33rd bday. Crazy. It feels like just yesterday that my twin sis & I were turning 23 and just starting to be "grown ups". Now look at us! We've come a long way. I love you sweet sister more than you know. You are my heart and soul. I have learned so much watching you be a mama and am in awe of your patience and mama-abilities. I am SO lucky to have you in my world. xoxoxox

Yesterday my mom came over to watch Oliver so that I could get a pedicure (awesome!!!) and the we all (mom, ali, my josh, & the kiddos) went to the mall for dinner/shopping (heaven - lol). It was a perfect day :) Oh, and it didn't hurt that my sweet husband wrote me a super sweet card and got me a necklace and a Nordstroms gift card too :) woo hoo!!!

Today the celebration continued.....we went to the harbor for brunch...& even our baby (29 yr old) brother Brian came....

...and tonight we are going to dinner in Laguna at a restaurant called "House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer" with some family and friends! :) I am very much looking forward to it!! We are going to bring the little guy because...well.....we want to. It is my birthday after all and he is my little b-day present/dream boat - lol!!

Here are some pictures of our little guy...(5 weeks old)

Sitting in his "nap nanny" recliner looking very serious.....

Getting ready for a diaper change and a bath.....getting so long, but still so skinny (except for that adorable double chin) ;)

..and some adorable bear slippers because I simply couldn't resist :)


  1. he is seriously the cutest! i was showing chris all his pics yesterday! :)
    hope you guys all have fun tonight and so glad you have had a fabulous couple of days! you deserve it!
    love you!!!
    yours and ali's east coast bestie. ;)

  2. LOVE u sissy! Yay for b-day shenanigans!!! My little "O" is the most precious. Love with all of my everything.