Friday, March 9, 2012

{3 weeks old}

Our baby boy is 3 weeks old today! CRAZY how fast time flies. I know they tell you that it goes by fast, but you don't believe them until you have your own little munchkin!! I literally feel like I just had him yesterday...but I also feel like he's been here forever.

I know I wasn't much of a "craft/furniture/project" blogger anyway, but I promise that this blog won't only be about being a new mommy. I will get back to doing things that I like to do (besides sitting with my little man, staring at him in amazement - LOL) and blogging about them at some point soon.....

BUT...for are some pictures of Oliver :)

We went to the Dana Point Harbor for ice cream and a walk for Ali's Josh's bday....

...and that evening we went to BJ's Pizza for dinner to celebrate....this was our first dinner out!! He slept the whole time!

We went to play at Auntie Ali's house for the first time and Hayden shared all of her cool stuff with Oliver...

We are trying to get Oliver to love his pacifier. So far, he "likes" it....especially this one attached to a froggie....

He tried a bottle of pumped breast milk for the first time and did ok with it. We will keep practicing...

And he does a lot of this around here....




  1. he seriously is the most beautiful baby ever! oh how i love him, too!

  2. I am seriously so so so in love with that little boy. Hopefully he never gets tired of my kisses because I don't think I could ever stop. xo

  3. Isn't being a mama the best? I couldn't be happier for you guys! I think he may be the cutest baby ever! And the name Oliver suites him well :) XO

  4. He is absolutely adorable, Lisa. So so precious and I bet you guys are just over the moon happy. Enjoy every moment with your handsome little man.

  5. I'm glad that you're doing "mommy" posts too! I've been checking for updated pictures and these MADE MY DAY!
    My favorite is the one of him with the froggy pacifier ;) so cute! He still looks so tiny, I love it. Esp. tiny in the pic where dad is giving him a bottle :)
    HE IS PRECIOUS - glad you're enjoying him as much as you are.

  6. you should DEFINITELY keep posting more adorable Oliver pictures here...
    I'm just sayin' I don't think anyone would complain :)