Saturday, December 17, 2011

{Binky Bag AWESOMENESS!!!}

Hi :)
So, I received one more hand made AMAZING gift for my baby shower that I didn't mention in my previous post.......a custom made "Binky Bag" from "Happy Baby Designs". Rebecca is the owner of this FABULOUS etsy shop and she is too sweet for words!! She made Oliver his very own "Binky Bag" that matches his nursery perfectly.


Isn't it ADORABLE!!?!! And not only that, it is going to be SO helpful once my little guy arrives. If I am anything like my sister (well, we are identical twins, so I am sure I will be) I am going to rely on the pacifier quite a bit (and if you are anti them, that's ok too, but I certainly am not). She has told me stories of searching around her crying baby in the dark, late at night trying to find the lost pacifier with no luck. This bag is the cure-all!!! All you have to do is be sure to keep the bag stocked (it can hold up to 3 pacifiers comfortably), and you will always have one at your fingertips.

Again, see......

There they are, just waiting to soothe my little guy :). Her shop has a ton of other beautifully made items (blankets, aprons, wash cloths, etc.), but rumor has it, Rebecca has big plans for the "Binky Bag" in the new year. She is so talented! I cannot wait to see where it ends up!!

Here is one last picture, just for fun.....

It is PERFECT!! Thank you so much Rebecca for your thoughtful gift! :) I will definitely share your info with my friends that are expecting or who are looking for a baby shower gift in the future.

Happy Saturday!



  1. i love it! rebecca is SOOOO sweet and thoughtful! i miss her! :)

  2. It's seriously SO SO SO awesome! It matches everything perfectly! Rebecca RULES!

  3. Thanks Lisa! Oliver's nursery is super cute, I'm happy that my Binky Bag could add a little something to it :) I'm so glad you like it...but more importantly, I'm so glad it will save you and your hubby from the agonizing middle-of-the-night search for that lost pacifier!