Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{Maternity Goodness & a Holiday Q&A}

I am officially 30 weeks along today with our little Oliver, and I feel great!! :) He is moving around in there like CRAZY all of the time, and the doctor says that everything looks perfect! I am super excited for my baby shower this weekend and cannot wait to see everyone and celebrate!!

One of our best friends Kelly of
Bubba-Loo Photography (we have known her since we were like 5 years old) snuck in a few maternity pictures of me the other day (I was 29 weeks) when she was taking Ali's family pictures. She is A-AMAZING at what she does, and I am so excited that she has agreed to take pictures of my baby shower, the nursery, and some of Josh and I this Saturday after the shower. Check out a few of the pictures she took.....

She does such beautiful work -- we are so lucky to have her around to capture such beautiful moments!! Ali is going to use some of the images as decor around the shower. :) it's going to look great! Thank you Kelly!!

Ok, now for some more holiday goodness.....'s MY TURN.......


1. egg nog or hot chocolate? Hot chocolate FOR SURE! Me no likey Egg Nog at all!

2. does santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? My kiddo is still in my belly, but Santa will definitely wrap all gifts :)

3. colored lights on tree/house or white? I don't actually put up a tree at my home at the moment, but when I did in the past I preferred colored lights :) They are so pretty!

4. do you hang mistletoe? I haven't this year, but I do like me some mistletoe!! :)

5. when do you put your decorations up? Usually on December 1st.

6. what is your favorite holiday dish? The homemade tamales that we make with my mom every year. She does most of the work and they are TO DIE FOR! And also the Matzo Ball Soup that my mother in law makes as well as Chocolate covered matzo that my sis-in-law makes. It's YUMMY!

7. favorite holiday memory as a child? I agree with my sister and would have to say that my favorite holiday memories are when my sister, brother, and I would sleep in the den and my Nana's house on Christmas Eve. Also, waking up at the WEE hours of the morning and opening our stockings together in the dark, and then sleeping for another few hours until everyone else was ready to dive in to the presents!

One other VERY fond memory is going with our Tata (grandpa) every year to the Christmas tree lot to pick our tree. Most people think the price of trees can be ridiculous, but not him. He was always willing to spend good $ to get the tallest most perfect tree for us!

8. when and how did you learn the truth about santa? I don't remember.

9. do you open a gift on christmas eve? Nope. I am a Christmas morning gal! :)

10. how do you decorate your christmas tree? My husband bought me a faux potted topiary with lights already strung last year at an after-holiday sale, so I will put that out this year with some of my smaller ornaments that I have collected. Also I may put up a garland with ornaments too....keeping it festive around here people!!! :)

11. snow! love it or dread it? LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Granted, I've never lived in the snow, but from where I stand it is beautiful and fun!!

12. can you ice skate? In an A-frame ankle sort of way - LOL. Nothing fantastic but I can stay on my feet. :)

13. do you remember your favorite gift? My first big girl two wheeler. Ali and I immediately went outside and rode around the neighborhood. I was SO excited!!!

14. what's the most important thing about the holidays for you? Family and food! It is a must that we all get to spend time together!!

15. what is your favorite holiday dessert? I again agree with Ali - Pan Dulce (aka Mexican sweet bread). We get it every year and it tastes perfect after the tamales. Mmmm. And chocolate Matzo, as I mentioned earlier :)
16. what is your favorite holiday tradition? I hope to start some new traditions once little Oliver gets here, but for now, I love watching little Hayden and Noah open their presents and eating tamales and scrambled eggs for breakfast!!! :) happy day!

17. which do you prefer: giving or receiving? I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting, but I am a true sucker for giving!! I am the freak that LOVES going to the crowded mall in search of the perfect gifts for the people I love.

19. candy canes: yuck or yum? Yum.

20. favorite christmas movie? The Holiday

21. saddest christmas song? Nope. Can't think of any.

22. what is your favorite Christmas song? I've always really loved "O' Holy Night &
The Little Drummer Boy.

:) happy Wednesday!


  1. i love o holy night, too, and the little drummer boy is sawyer's favorite. :)
    you are BEAUTIFUL my friend. just stunning! oliver is going to come out and be like "sweet! that's my mom!" (because you know they talk right away). ha ha!
    love all your answers and love you!

  2. LOVE the pics SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I like your answers too and I miss Nana & Tata the most around Christmas :( xo

  3. GORGEOUS! Ok I have to know where that lace cardigan is from!!! LOVE! I wanted something with cream lace for my baby shower but the dress I ordered is a little...odd.... so I was looking for something else. This would be perfect..if you don't mind sharing! :)