Monday, December 5, 2011

{Holiday Cheer}

Sooo.......I got a wild hair up my you-know-what this year and decided that I wanted to make mason jar snow globes for my holiday decor. For some reason, I decided that I wanted to make A-LOT of them!!! They are all over the internet this season and for sale at high end retail stores....(Anthropologie specifically comes to mind)...
(LOVE Anthropologie!!)

....and after seeing them for sale at that Holiday Boutique/Flea Market that my sister and I worked, I knew I had to make some of my very own. I liked that I could keep them and use them as decorations for future years.

I wanted mine to be "winter wonderland" snow globes, not specifically Christmas, so I knew I wanted to incorporate some woodland creatures in addition to the typical trees and snow. I planned to cluster them on top of my fireplace like a wintery wonderland woodland menagerie :) I bought all of my supplies for inside the jars at Michael's and I found the jars that I wanted at a local hardware store. I wanted specifically "Ball" mason jars, so I had to hunt a little.

Happy trees :)

Once I heated up the glue gun, I started assembling them, and had a ton of fun humming holiday tunes in my pajamas mid-afternoon (no picture to document the pretty sight that was me, sorry guys - ha!). This craft is right up my alley - it takes little to no skills (ha!)

And after unfortunately running out of glue sticks, this is how many I was able to make....

What do you think?? Fun, right? And believe it or not, I still want to make more!!!!!! I'M OBSESSED (kind of like my sister is with her pom-poms!!! ha!)!!! I know, it sounds crazy, but I want them to look stacked full up there!! I added my vintage Ball jars (the blue ones) into the mix to add color, but they are empty because I need to fashion bottoms for them (they didn't come with lids when I bought them).

Here are some of them up close...

I LOVE them!! I am so happy with how they look up there and can't wait to make the final additions. I also think they need some finishing touches...maybe pretty ribbon/bows around the bottoms? Hmm...not sure. I'll have to mull it over for a bit.

In addition to my gaggle of globes, I managed to sprinkle a tad bit more of holiday cheer around our home....
Other than the that, I'm not really going to add any more "holiday decor" until after my baby shower this weekend (and not much more after that, really....most of the decorating takes place at Ali's). My sis has some adorable pom-pom garlands, buntings, and assorted crafts that she is putting together that are super-duper-Oliver-fantastic, so I am SOOO excited to see it all come together!! Yay!

Happy Monday everyone!



  1. LOVE them all! love the animals!
    and guess what- i am fairly certain your baby gift will be there in time for the shower- SO excited! if UPS comes through for me it will be there friday.

  2. Oh my! Those are dang adorable!

  3. SO SO SO so SO stinkin' adorable! Hooray for crafting. If only I were there with you in my sounds like almost the perfect day :)

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  5. love it all! I was just telling Ali how impressed I am with both of you - your sense of style and ability to *put things together* I'm so glad you both blog about it so I can see it all :) happy holidays, by the way I love the pics that your friend took of you, you look beautiful!