Saturday, June 18, 2011

{Another fabulous find...}

Today, my sis and I went to a church furniture warehouse sale that is in our neighborhood. It is open every Saturday, and we had been a couple of times before. The very first time we were there, a beautiful french style bucket chair caught our eye. IT-WAS-BEAUTIFUL - and completely flawless!! We even liked the upholstery just how it was - a cream and orange damask/diamond pattern. We wouldn't change a thing! We asked the man how much he would take for it, and he said $175.00 firm. Yowza!!! Thanks but no thanks!! That was way too rich for our blood! He said he had recently taken the price down to $175.00 from $300.00, so with that in mind, $175.00 sounded like a much better deal, but it was still WAY out of our flea-budget price range.

Boo! 3 weeks later.......the chair had a shiny new price tag on it.....


And she is all ours!!

We can easily get double that at the flea or on Craig's List! It is in immaculate condition and is definitely a good statement piece! Needless to say, we were all smiles today! :)

We are off to the Long Beach Antiques & Collectibles Show with our dad tomorrow for our Father's Day outing! I'll keep you posted on other treasures we hunt down!



  1. yippee!!! what a find! it is stunning!!! STUNNING!

  2. What a beautiful chair! And an even prettier price tag ;) The hard part will be letting it go at the flea market!

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a find for sure. Love you! xo