Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Getting ready to flea!}

Oh my goodness, I am a sluggish, tired, lazy beast with almost zero motivation to do anything right now!!! I have no time to lose since the flea market is this coming Sunday, but I seriously cannot get my act together!!! Ugh!! Every area of my house is a mess, especially the places that I have "dumped" my flea market treasures, and all I want to do is lay around and take tums and crunch ice!! Big time ugh!!

Here is the status - I am about half way through with tagging everything, and I still have 2 chairs to paint/upholster and a coffee table to stain! Ahhhhh!!! I need some energy STAT!!

War room # 1 - tagging station (this has been used as a "craft room/play room, but will sometime soon transform into a nursery :) )
War room #2 - the garage. Filled with un-finished projects and my large pieces for sale.
I need to whip myself into action - starting now!! Watch my dust! ;)

Oh....and on a totally unrelated note, has anyone else been TERRIFIED of a vitamin! This thing is RIDICULOUSLY huge!!!
And the picture doesn't even do it justice. I swear it is like an inch long and thick!!! I started to take it but hesitated like 5 times before actually popping it in and getting it down!! I was worried that my husband would have to come in and give me the Heimlich, lol, but thankfully, it went down ok! Ha! Yikes!! I am s-c-a-r-e-d!! No bueno!

Happy Tuesday! Wish me luck with the mojo and the vitamin! At least the flea is over this weekend. The vitamin will be in my life for 8 more months!!! Ahhhh!!



  1. Holy Cr*p! that thing is HUGE!!!
    Ready....set.....MOJO!!!! Once you get movin' you'll get into the groove :)
    LOVE YOU!!!

  2. are you sure that isn't a pill for pregnant cows? that looks too big for you.
    and good luck this weekend- you ladies are going to do soooo well!!!!! i can't wait to hear about all your success and fun!

  3. Holy Moly!! That is ridiculous!!! Horse pill for sure.. I can't wait to hear a full report once the flea is complete.. I know y'all will do awesome. Love you mucho!! xo