Saturday, June 4, 2011

{My happy little work space}

Since being laid off in the beginning of March from the best job I have EVER had (I worked at a clothing design and manufacturing company as a Project Manager for 3.5 years - 10 people, small office, Carlsbad, CA., loved everyone and everything (except the long nights emailing back and forth with China - frustrating to say the least - LOL)) I have decided to create a small work-at-home area for myself. I am planning on helping my husband with his admin/office stuff (he is an attorney, and is a solo practitioner working from a home office, so needless to say, he has no time to "organize" himself between all of the clients he is juggling), but I also felt like I needed a space for me - to blog, to email, to dream! is my little space so far (it's in our guest room at the foot of the bed).....

{Excuse the cereal bowl and coffee - those two are frequent visitors to my happy little space - haha}

It is finally coming together. The desk is still a work in progress. I found it on C.L. for $40 (and had to drive to Brea (45 miles) to get it.) It was a cream color with greenish and pinkish details but it had beautiful lines and an awesome light wood-grain top with speckled gray throughout, so I decided to paint the body of the desk gray, and I love it!! I still have to paint the hardware (I'm thinking either the same gray color as the desk - or a shiny metallic silver to pick up the modern look of the chair base - thoughts?) and I am way overdue for putting a wax coat over the whole thing (it's already beginning to chip in some spots - oops!), but I just couldn't wait to get her in and start using her!

Happy Saturday everyone!


**Chair - Ikea
**Lamp - Goodwill
**Organizer/chalkboard awesomeness (that will be hung on the wall at some point) - Homegoods


  1. Love the desk and the cute!! Your space looks peaceful!

  2. it looks perfect for you- chic and nice and clean! i blog on my chaise of my couch with my laptop... feet up of course!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! It's awesome sissy!

  4. Love it!!! I like the mix of modern and vintage. Beautiful desk! I think silver pulls would look great.

  5. I love the mix of as well. The grey is perfect for that desk.

  6. Love it & love grey. Still have not been to homegoods :(

  7. I love it too! Everyone should have a space their own. However you do the knobs will look great, but I esp. like your idea of doing them metallic to "match" the base of the chair. Very cool space - hope working at home has been going well for you both!