Monday, June 27, 2011

{R.I.P. Red}

So......sad to report that Red didn't have such a long and fruitful life!! He had the "ick" and passed away yesterday! :( poor guy!! I am going to take a fish break for a while, and will start fresh in a few months! It makes me too sad! Rest in peace, sweet Red!! From what we could tell, you were a really great fish!

In other news, Josh and I went to a wedding yesterday - it was a lot of fun!
(disregard the possessed look we have in our eyes - all of the lights made the flash go crazy - haha)

I have SO much to do to get ready for the flea market this weekend, so I am off to get caught up! Being newly pregnant and sleeping in until noon does not make for very productive days!! ;)

Happy Monday!



  1. aw, you guys look adorable, minus the satan eyes. ;)
    so sorry to hear about red. now i am rethinking the betas for my kids. maybe we will just get a third dog instead. cuz that wouldn't be too hard or anything.

  2. Poor Red! RIP!
    You two look CUTE at that wedding!!
    Love you the mostest :)

  3. Maybe Red died from something you did.