Thursday, June 2, 2011

{More thrifty finds for the flea....}

I had a ton of good luck at a Goodwill that is just outside of our local area. Check out some of my fantastic finds for our flea booth......

A blue and gold steamer trunk for $5.99 (yes, you heard me correctly - $5.99!!)

A vintage hourglass

Yet another fantastic cheese dome (ok, enough already with the cheese domes - haha)

3 very awesome lamps (I am going to keep the silver one for my desk :) )

And......another AWESOME lady!!!!

They are best buds already! ;)

Happy almost weekend everyone!



  1. thanks for the lighting site! I will check it out! and Im sorry- you totally suck. I feel like I get some good finds at goodwill- but MAN did you score! jealous!!!! I love the new lady:):) Thanks for adding me:)
    Dream Book Design

  2. AWESOME finds sissy!!! SO excited to flea with you :) xo

  3. Great finds. Wow! You really were lucky!

  4. i love the new lady! she is awesome!!! i hope someone buys the ladies together since it would be sad to make the insta-freinds part ways.